The preface is by former Inter goalkeeper Ivano Bordon

    There is a lot of Inter in the book “A dribble to death“. Epic matches, extraordinary champions but above all strong Nerazzurri emotions that saved the life of the protagonist of this book written by the journalist Beppe Castro. The author tells the true story of a teenager who opposes the curse that life has thrown on him and saves himself from death with the heart and emotions he received from football in the seventies and eighties. Those same emotions that, in a second moment, gave a precise direction to the future life of the protagonist who, almost as a sign of gratitude towards those sports journalists of TV and print media who were the eyes and ears of that football that had saved his life and who had snatched him from the grip of depression, he wanted to follow in their footsteps, becoming himself, once he grew up, a sports journalist. As fate would have it, the protagonist, with some of the football players of the seventies and eighties, would later become friends. This book is a tribute of that football, a poetic expression of bygone eras, which marked the life of the protagonist, in the darkest and happiest moments, in his defeats and in his rebirth. With a preface by Ivano Bordon, who underlines: «Thanks to my Inter and the emotions of football in the 70s and 80s, the protagonist of the book managed to overcome his depression, leaving behind the difficulties of life. This story moved me and it is a book that every Inter fan must have “