Rescue workers in Curaçao have found a body south of Seru Bientu, reports the NOS Sunday. It may be a 45-year-old man from Leiden who has been missing since Wednesday, but that has not yet been confirmed.

    The missing man disappeared while hiking near Playa Jeremi and Mount Christoffel, a rural area in the western part of the island.

    The man is on vacation on Curaçao with his family. Until Tuesday, he went for a walk with one of his children every morning. On Tuesday he went out alone. When he did not return, the police were alerted.

    After he went missing, there were concerns because he only had a liter of water with him, in an area where it is difficult to orientate without a GPS or compass.

    A large team of police, fire brigade, defense, forest rangers and volunteers has been looking for the man since Wednesday. Drones and helicopters are also being used during the search.