Gordon is quite upset now that he has to close the Blaricum branch of his catering child Blushing. According to Private boss Evert Sankrediets, it is his own fault. “He underestimates it.”

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    It is a sad week for Gordon: on Sunday he closes the Blaricum branch of his catering business Blushing, officially because he would suffer from a staff shortage. According to Privé editor-in-chief Evert Sankrediets, his SBS 6 colleague should, however, put his hand in his own bosom. Own fault, big bump, he thinks.

    Gordon made a mistake

    Evert states that Gordon underestimates running a catering business. “It doesn’t help if you spend most of your time in Dubai yourself and not just on top of your business, where there is plenty to do. More celebrities have made a mistake in a catering business: René Froger, Lee Towers. You just always have to be busy with that,” he explains in the podcast Strictly Private.

    Gordon does not take it seriously, according to the magazine maker. “If you think you can manage that from Dubai and leave it here to a few people, then you have the consequence that if I sit on the terrace in Amsterdam, I’ll be there for ten minutes before there is anything at all. someone says hello.”

    Own fault

    That is also somewhat the case in Blaricum, says Evert. “I don’t think you can blame a lot of people other than yourself for that. I think it’s much more fun to work for Gordon if Gordon is there every now and then and it would have been a big difference if he had been there.”

    However, Gordon is continuously in Dubai. “We have all seen that he would rather be in Dubai than here and that is his right, but that things slide through your legs, I can imagine something.”

    Blank Instagram page

    Suddenly Gordon has his whole Instagram page emptied. “I actually expected him to do that when he left for Dubai, but he was Instagramming more than ever. If he also pulls that out of the air, then I think: he is very frustrated at the moment and that is a shame.”

    Yet Evert understands that frustration. “His TV career is also pretty much in the doldrums. I don’t have the idea that there are still many new programs in the pipeline for him and then it is all a bit disappointing. There is little reason for Gordon to rejoice at the moment.”

    Shout for attention

    How does Everts colleague Jordi Versteegden indicate that empty Instagram page? “I see it as a cry for attention. His manager also declined to comment. In fact, I asked if we were welcome on Sunday on the last day of Blushing in Blaricum, but he doesn’t want any press for that either.”

    Evert: “I believe Gordon is a bit angry with everything and everyone at the moment.”