Black nail polish: who it suits and when to wear it

cclassic timeless beauty, lo black enamel it is both elegant and intense, attractive and rock. This may be why it is suitable for many occasions, but it must be known how to wear. The rules for perfect black nails.

Black nail polish: the rules for perfect black nails

Recently rediscovered also by celebrities – see Chiara Ferragni and Camila Cabello – lo black nail polish manages to bring together both those looking for an elegant but non-trivial nuance and those who want a nail look chic and rock.

Also referred to as “color-non-color”, the black escapes the rules of color harmonymanages to enhance each hand but at the same time it must be applied perfectly. The risk? To make the manicure look scruffy and unkempt otherwise. Suitable for all nail lengths – even long ones stiletto And dancer – but it is with the medium-short size that it black nail polish looks more elegant.

Black nail polish, the trend for winter 2023 (in the centre, Chiara Ferragni).

Black nail polish, how to apply it perfectly

The disadvantage of dark enamel is its difficulty of application. Fundamental if you use a classic nail polish (i.e. not semi-permanent) is to wait for it to be perfectly dry between one coat and another, so as not to ruin the result.

Apply the color starting from the center of the nail, spread the excess with the brush towards the ends, then move towards the sides and subsequently define the hairline.

Never apply too much nail polish all at once: it is better to create a lighter base first rather than using a larger dose of product immediately, making drying slower. Also this way you have greater control of the brush: there will then be time to intensify the color gradually and precisely.

Conclude the manicure by applying a good top coat to give the nail polish a professional and vitrified finish.

Nail art with black nail polish to make it contemporary

Of course it is black enamel it also lends itself to modern and contemporary interpretations, in infinite nail art styles that manage to satisfy practically everyone. Among the manicures more than winter 2023 nail trend in fact we find the “Black French Manicure”, a great classic with a minimal charm, which reinterprets the white tips in a dark version.

Green light also to dots, dots, constellations, glossy-opaque contrasts, and little noir hearts. As usual, creativity, even in black, has no limits.