What happened there? The Hollywood Wax Museum unveiled a new Billie Eilish wax figure this week – sparking a wave of mockery. In the eyes of many viewers, the figure does not resemble the 20-year-old pop sensation at all. And indeed, it is quite difficult to identify any bonds to the real Billie Eilish in the wax figure. Most likely still with the nose.

    Many social media users took the revealed Eilish character as an opportunity to post creative memes and entertaining comments. Below we have compiled the best reactions on Twitter for you:







    The real Eilish headlined the Glastonbury Festival over the weekend. There she expressed dismay at the US Supreme Court’s recent ruling that women no longer have a constitutionally protected right to an abortion: “Today is a really, really dark day for women in the United States”, said the 20-year-old. The pop star has spoken out in favor of abortion rights several times in the past.

    In addition to Billie Eilish, many other American artists reacted with horror to the verdict. You can read some of the most prominent reactions here.