Big scandal around Patty Brard coming? ‘It’s terrible’

Is there a big scandal around Patty Brard coming up? Juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer hints at that. “I know things about her that she has done and I have proof of that too.”

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While Patty Brard is about to release her new ‘beauty collection’ at the Kruidvat, a major scandal threatens to erupt around her. At least, that’s what Yvonne Coldeweijer hints at in her infamous Juice Show. She suddenly goes wild on the TV diva: “F*cking Patty Brard, huh?! Patty Brad!”

“I have proof, Patty”

Yvonne is annoyed with Patty. “In every show it’s about juiceThen she rolls her eyes. And when she is approached about her position at Shownieuws, it is like: ‘Oh no! Don’t confuse me with a juice channel! I find that disgusting!’”

Dan: “I know things about her that she has done and I have proof of that too. And she knows it, Patty. She knows what I mean. It has to do with another celebrity and Patty knows it very well. I can’t just say it because I only have one source, okay. I’m working on it, I’m working on it.”

“All snakes!”

The Patty-likes can get on Yvonne’s back. “Everybody with their big mouth about juice channels and such and such… People in showbiz, you are all three times as bad. I admit what I am, I am not pretentious – what I do and say: it is what it is – but you all pretend to be more and you all are snakes!”

But… What about that Patty juice? “I’m really trying my best for this. I’m dealing with a source that’s hesitant to share it, let’s put it this way. That is source one.”

Vague Yvonne

Co-host Mark Koster also seems to be aware. “I think I know this file a little.”

Yvonne: “You might know that.”

Mark: “If this is true… Ah, I know what you mean. I also know who the source is. It is very vague for the listeners and we are sorry…”

Yvonne: “But you can’t just say this.”

‘Pick up the phone!’

Mark: “No, you really have to… But if this is true… And I also know who inspired this… That is a terrible story. That’s a terrible story. And it is also of great underhandedness.”

Yvonne: “Definitely, most definitely.”

Mark: “So Patty, just pick up the phone, because we’re going to ask you questions about this.”

Yvonne: “I don’t! I won’t do that until I have proof!”


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