Olsbu Røiseland back at the start

    It’s about to start! At 11.30 a.m. the biathletes start the pursuit. Elvira Öberg is the hunted before Simon and Wierer on the track. In addition to Anna Weidel, the Norwegian Ida Lien will not start in the pursuit today either. However, whoever is back on the track for the second time this season is a different Norwegian. Marte Olsbu Røiseland made her season debut on Thursday. Last season’s overall World Cup winner finished 16th in the sprint. and goes in pursuit, exactly one minute behind.


    Five Confederates with us

    In the case of the Swiss women, five athletes finished in the top 60 and thus qualified for the pursuit. Aita Gasparin was the best Swiss with twelfth place and starts today 56 seconds behind Öberg. Amy Baserga also ensured a good starting position, taking 14th place in the sprint and chasing just two seconds after Gasparin. The other Confederates: Lena Häcki-Groß (17th/1:02), Elisa Gasparin (18th/1:04) and Lea Meier (32nd/1:35).


    Four Austrians in pursuit

    Lisa Theresa Hauser finished 13th in the sprint on Thursday and is 56 seconds behind today. Second best ÖSV athlete was Dunja Zdouc. She starts today as 24th in the competition and is already 1:17 minutes behind Gejagte Öberg. Anna Gandler and Tamara Steiner then start their race as 27th and 28th. Gandler starts the lap 1:24 minutes behind, Steiner exactly 90 seconds behind Öberg in the lead.


    Only three DSV athletes at the start – Weidel is missing!

    Three German biathletes qualified for the pursuit in the sprint. After Herrmann-Wick started the pursuit in sixth place, 36 seconds behind, Vanessa Voigt started the track in 23rd place, 1:15 minutes behind. Janina Hettich-Walz, who competed in the IBU Cup at the beginning of the season and qualified for the World Cup through strong performances, begins the pursuit in 45th place. She is already 2:01 minutes behind Öberg. For health reasons, Anna Weidel will not start in the pursuit today. The 26-year-old was ill over Christmas and finished 26th in the sprint. Franziska Preuss and Vanessa Hinz had already not traveled to the World Cup in Pokljuka, Slovenia, for health reasons.


    Will Simon succeed in the third pursuit victory?

    After Elvira Öberg won the sprint on Thursday, the Swede is the first to leave the track today with a lead of seven seconds. The first pursuer is the woman in the yellow and red jersey, Julia Simon. The Frenchwoman has already won two of the three pursuit races this season and finished third in Hochfilzen when Elvira Öberg won the pursuit. The Italian Dorethea Wierer started the trail in third place, 19 seconds behind. All in all, the first 16 women set off in pursuit within a minute. The best German biathlete, Denise Herrmann-Wick, finished sixth in the sprint and is already 36 seconds behind the leading Swede.

    Warm welcome

    Hello and welcome to the Pokljuka Women’s 10K Pursuit! The live ticker starts in good time before the start of the ski chasers’ race.