bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti are expecting their first child. In fact, at the beginning of the new year, their beloved little boy will arrive. And while waiting, the two organized a blue baby shower to celebrate with friends and relatives.

    A blue baby shower

    «We will do everything to make you free to choose and to dream». It is with this sentence that Bianca Atzei shared with his 891,000 followers on Instagram images of baby shower that she organized together with her partner, the “hyena” Stefano Corti. A party with a setup that you can’t get bluer. With balloons, butterflies and even some sweets of that color. And a huge inscriptionthe same one that the two future parents have inserted as copy of their posts on Instagram.

    In the photo gallery the two are happy and full of emotion. Him in a dark suit. La singer of Sardinian originsinstead, with a blue sequined suit that left her beautiful baby bump bare.

    The pregnancy announcement came in July. In a hosted at very true of the end of October, the two announced it would be a boy. And on that occasion they also confirmed that will have a double surname.

    As for the name, however, it’s all still top secret. Not long ago, however, the artist of Now there is only you gave a curious hint to his audience. In fact, next to a photograph of her belly he wrote. «In here is NA Who guesses?». Clearly they have started circulating on the web some assumptions. From Nicholas Andrew to Nathan Eagle (the reference, ça va sans dire, is to the son of Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore, Nathan Falco). What will be the name of their firstborn?

    Stefano Corti and Bianca Atzei at the premiere of “Belli Ciao”. (Getty Images)

    The drama of Bianca Atzei: «From the greatest joy to the strongest suffering, in the blink of an eye»

    This baby shower was a particularly happy moment for Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti. The “hyena” is already the father of 14-year-old Gabriele, who had a summer flirt when he was just 22 years old. The boy, as confirmed by the singer a very true, «it is part of our life». She echoed the TV personality. «Unfortunately, he lives far away, in Marseilles… But we do what we can».

    Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti tried to become a family right away. “We looked for a child after a couple of months. It was really a flash meeting,” Corti said. But in 2021 the two had to face the drama of a miscarriage.

    Sanremo 2017, in a room with Bianca Atzei: look choices and confidences about Max (Biaggi)

    “I think it is proof that life puts you in front of you, that it is very strong,” confessed Bianca Atzei. “I have to say that this negative experience strengthened us a lot».

    She had wanted to give the news on her Instagram profile with some really touching sentences. «I want to tell you about my experience to raise awareness on a topic that is rarely talked about, but that unfortunately it affects many couples. From the greatest joy to the strongest suffering, in the blink of an eye».

    The words of Bianca Atzei after her miscarriage last year

    «I have always shared with you every important part of my life, because I have always done what I felt like doing and expressed what I felt inside. I have constantly exposed myself and have never been afraid to show you my weaknesses, not just smiles. Sometimes bad things happen that take a toll on you and we must also have the courage to show ourselves fragile“, He said.

    «Many women have faced and face this pain. Now I know what it feels like and I am close to all those who have been through a situation like ours. I am sorry that for many women it is so difficult to have a child, or even impossible. Maybe telling it is like getting rid of something that you are not to blame for so you don’t have to feel ashamed», wrote the singer.

    “We just have to keep going, I’m sure something good will come again. I still keep alive the dream of becoming a mother. I’ll smile again.” Now the dream is ready to come true. And, when it arrives, a blue bow will tell this beautiful story.