Beijing Express 2023, third episode on TV8: the stage and the tests

Nothe third episode of Beijing Express 2023 – broadcast tonight at 9.35pm on TV8 – the 8 couples competing must cover 438 kilometres across India. A challenging stage, which puts them to the test with yoga lessons and hundreds of steps and a game of kabaddi.

Beijing Express 2023: here are the competing couples

Beijing Express 2023third episode

At the end of the previous episode, the program said goodbye to Dario Vergassola and his daughter Caterina, renamed Hypochondriacs. They are the first eliminated from the tenth edition of the Banijay Italia reality show. Now the rest of the cast – after Mumbai and Satara, Kolhapur and Hampi – has to reach Mysore.

We start from Hampi. The contestants leave for the Hanuman temple, a Hindu complex dedicated to Hanuman, a deity depicted with the head of a monkey. To arrive there they use a tuk-tuk and then have to put into practice one of the local customs. That is, offering coconuts and flowers as gifts, which they must retrieve on board a coracle.

Test immunity, bonus and malus

After that they are ready to go to Chitradurga fort, where they have to sign the Red Book to participate in the immunity test. Test reserved for the first four couples who cross the intermediate finish line. The test set for this week is a game of kabaddi, a very popular contact sport in India. Compared to the traditional version, in which teams are made up of 7 players, a change is applied.

The couples fight individually and with ribbons hanging from their bodies. The objective is to steal one from your opponent and return to your own area to earn a point. The couple that gets 8 points first wins immunity, to which the rest of the bonus is added. In this case, an Indian cuisine cooking class and an Ayurvedic experience.

Furthermore, it assigns a penalty to one of the other pairs. The third episode of Beijing Express 2023 provides that competitors affected by the penalty can walk using only a pair of Ayurvedic slippers for the time established by the production.

The cast of “Beijing Express 2023”, broadcast free-to-air on TV8. (Sky)

The stage ends at Chamundeshwari temple

The third stage continues towards Gokulam park. Here they turn a wheel on which some yoga positions are depicted. Each pair must correctly reproduce the drawn position, pose for the relevant photo. Obviously he has to deal with the unexpected.

If they cannot replicate the position exactly, they are forced to wait 10 minutes before they can start again. It’s at Beijing Express speed is a fundamental element to beat the competition. In the end, the third mission takes place in the Chamundi Hills, where the Chamundeshwari temple is located. It is the most difficult test, just due to the physical effort required.

Before starting, they must color their hands yellow and red. The red carpet is located after 600 steps, which must rise by coloring them with both colors. Therefore it is not allowed to skip even a step. Once you reach the red carpet, the couple can decide whether to stop or continue for another 400 steps and gain a position in the final ranking. Enzo Miccio is waiting for them.

The lawyers Alessandra De Michelis and Laura Picardi and the Siculi Salvatore Schillaci and Barbara Lombardo, among the couples of “Pechino express 2023”. (Sky)

Beijing Express 2023the 8 couples still competing

Hypochondriacs are the first to be eliminated Beijing Express 2023. The journey to victory is still long, but the other 8 couples competing are fierce and not at all scared by the modest equipment they have to rely on. Each of them has a map, a backpack and a single euro in local currency.

The 16 contestants are: The activists Giorgia Soleri and Federippi, The lawyers Alessandra Demichelis and Laura Picardi, Italian Americans Joe Bastianich and Andrea Belfiore, Mother and son Martina Colombari and Achille Costacurta, The newlyweds Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, The Mediterranean ones Carolina Stramare and Barbara Prezia, The Sicilians Salvatore Schillaci and Barbara Lombardo, The educated Maria Rosa Petolicchio and Andrea Di Piero.