Before MV: Hertha member requests deselection of the entire Executive Committee

President Kay Bernstein nervously puffs on the e-cigarette

Hertha President Kay Bernstein Photo: Ottmar Winter

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After a relatively quiet general meeting in November, things are likely to get hectic again at Hertha BSC next Sunday. A motion to vote out is explosive.

Hertha BSC is facing a very emotional general meeting next Sunday.

In addition to the sporting and economic problems, a motion by a Hertha member to vote out the entire Executive Committee and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board is further explosive.

Hertha President Kay Bernstein (right) brought Pal Dardai back as a coach.  Other people with a Berlin past are to follow

Hertha President Kay Bernstein (right) brought Pal Dardai back as a coach Photo: picture alliance/dpa

Hertha confirmed receipt of the application on Tuesday. First BILD and the TV broadcaster Sky had reported about it. 75 percent of those present at the general meeting must vote to vote out.

The member’s 30-page submission contains six applications, four of which the association rejected as “inadmissible”. However, the first two applications were approved.

On the one hand, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Klaus Brüggemann, is to be dismissed. Brüggemann had to submit an application to be voted out at the last general meeting in November last year.

In the second approved application, the right to exercise the office of the entire executive committee around club boss Kay Bernstein is questioned.

Hertha's supervisory board chief Klaus Brüggemann (56) wants to change the club's statutes for future presidential elections

Hertha Supervisory Board Chairman Klaus Brüggemann Photo: City Press GmbH

The by-elections held last June are effective but incomplete because they were prematurely broken off after the Presidium had reached seven members. Hertha, meanwhile, spoke of “legally incorrect justification” and is aiming for a change in the statutes. While in the old version the Executive Committee consisted of nine members, in future there should be at least seven and a maximum of nine.

The team can already create a better mood in advance: Hertha will play in Cologne on Friday evening and could draw great hopes in the fight against relegation with a win.


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