John Legend recently admitted that his friendship with former colleague Kanye West ended largely because of his support for Donald Trump. He explained the matter to host David Axelrod on a podcast episode of The Ax Files. “We haven’t really been close since. [Kanye und ich] aren’t as good friends as they used to be. I think because we publicly disagreed about his candidacy and his support for Trump, it became too much for us to maintain our friendship, honestly,” the singer said.

    John Legend doesn’t want Kanye West as president

    Kanye co-produced Legend’s debut album GET LIFTED (2004) and even released the record on his own label, GOOD Music. The two have worked together countless times since then. Despite years of mutual musical support, Legend couldn’t befriend Kanye West’s failed 2020 presidential bid. “I wasn’t alone in thinking that, but he wasn’t happy about it,” Legend said.

    The musician appreciates West’s character nonetheless

    The singer appreciates West’s character nonetheless. In his statement, he added: “I think he’s been very open about himself and his mental health issues. And he’s very realistic, honestly. I don’t think there’s much about him that people don’t know. He’s been pretty open about his views, his problems and all the things he’s struggling with. And I think what you see on him is pretty much what you get.”

    West isn’t the only Trump supporter Legend has publicly denounced of late. In May, the singer called on Fox News to remove commentator Tucker Carlson from the platform because his sermons “poison the minds of millions.”