Mid-term conclusion:
    Real Madrid has everything under control at the break and is very comfortably ahead at 53:37 against ALBA Berlin. Only at the end of the first quarter was Israel González’s team able to put some pressure on the Whites and reduce the gap to four points. However, the Spaniards were hardly bothered by this and then kept the visitors’ defensive swimming. In addition, the German champion complains about the short-term absence of Luke Sikma, who may even have to pause for a longer period of time.



    Meanwhile, Los Blancos have taken command of the field again. Sergio Rodríguez and Vincent Poirier in particular stand out on offense.



    Apparently Berlin has to accept the next setback: Luke Sikma, who has not yet been on the floor, will be out at least for tonight. The 33-year-old is said to be suffering from a capsule injury to his ankle.



    Up until this point, a big difference had appeared in the efficiency of the two-person range. The albatrosses have only accommodated six of 17 throws in the basket from close range and therefore have an expandable quota of 37.5 percent.



    At least the hall spokesman seems to be motivated and calls on the Real supporters to be a little more committed – works rather mediocre for the moment.



    Gabriele Procida now keeps the ALBA offensive game alive almost single-handedly. This time the 20-year-old outdances both Vincent Poirier and Gabriel Deck and scores from middle distance. This makes Procida the first player to reach double-digit points.



    Cheeky action! Gabriele Procida dribbles the ball through Mario Hezonja’s right baseline and pulls it under the basket. Despite the distress, the Italian nets.



    By the way: Despite Real’s lead, the fans in the WiZink Center are extremely calm. A big difference to the ghost games from unloved times cannot be heard.



    Not a good start from the guests’ point of view: Mario Hezonja is left alone in the middle and hits from the threesome – the royals pull away again.



    Let’s go into the second quarter! Can the albatross maintain the momentum of the past few minutes?



    Beginning of 2nd quarter



    Quarter conclusion:
    After the first ten minutes there was little to suggest a surprise in the Spanish capital! Both on the defensive and on the offensive, ALBA Berlin seemed overwhelmed against Real Madrid at first. Only towards the end of the quarter did the guests gradually find more solutions and fought their way back up a bit.



    There is also more positive news for Berlin: Maodo Lô has returned to the squad and is now making his comeback. The German national player was last out after a long injury break and has only played one EuroLeague game this season.



    Well at least! Malte Delow comes on and demands the ball in the left two-man area in the following attack. The 21-year-old is allowed to climb up without pressure from the opponent and at least marks points for the guests from Germany again.



    Israel González rounds up his team at the time-out. Real has already collected ten rebounds, which describes the enthusiasm of the German champions quite well.



    The ALBA defense simply needs too much time in the backward movement. Above all, Petr Cornelie is doing what he wants at the moment and scoring one basket after the other.



    Berlin is still looking for the desired rhythm and can hardly find any useful conclusions. Jaleen Smith then throws from half-distance under time pressure, but doesn’t even hit the ring.



    For the first time, a throw falls into the round from the outside. Petr Cornelie fires accurately from downtown.



    So far, the encounter has been running almost without interruptions. The German champion stalks his way back through a successful middle-distance throw by Johannes Thiemann, who then makes the three-point game perfect from the free-throw line.



    Now the royals are also registering in the match. The starting point is two ALBA turnovers in a row, which are mercilessly punished by the home side. Džanan Musa and Walter Tavares push the tube and bring Madrid forward for the first time.



    The first points go to Berlin! After a steel from Jaleen Smith, the ball quickly runs into the offensive zone. Yovel Zoosman completes the turnover with a layup.



    Let’s go in the WiZink Center! Walter Tavares grabs the first jump ball and initiates the real attack. At the end of it, Džanan Musa missed twice from a good position.


    The starting five have been published: ALBA head coach Israel González initially relies on Jaleen Smith, Tamir Blatt, Yovel Zoosman, Johannes Thiemann and Ben Lammers.


    Madrid are currently in fifth place and recently knocked out two top teams in Anadolu Efes (94:85) and Olimpia Milano (83:77). Reaching the final four is once again the clear claim of the royal. “On offense we are dangerous if we let the ball run and make good throws,” says Real center Vincent Poirier. The situation with the Spaniards is also anything but relaxed. With Rudy Fernández and Guerschon Yabusele two important pillars are missing.


    Israel González said before the match that Real are one of the best teams in Europe. “We only have a slim chance of winning, but we will do our best. We have to play with a lot of energy right from the start and get our ups and downs under control. We want to show full commitment for 40 minutes,” added the ALBA coach. However, the German champions are still struggling with injury concerns. Marcus Eriksson, Jonas Mattisseck and the recently in-form Louis Olinde will be absent.


    The Albatrosses have had an excellent start to the EuroLeague season, winning the first three games. However, a radical turn has now followed, because the team of head coach Israel González has lost all of the past four matches. Now the Berliners are only in tenth place and have tumbled out of the playoff ranks.


    Have a wonderful good evening and welcome to the 8th match day of the EuroLeague! ALBA Berlin wants to stop the negative trend and create a surprise at Real Madrid. Tip-off in the WiZink Center is at 8:45 p.m.