Basketball: Brevin Galloway in pain: ‘My testicles exploded’

Brevin Galloway experienced pain in the truest sense of the word.

Brevin Galloway will be off the floor for a while. PDO

A basketball player Brevin Galloway experienced many a man’s worst fear when his testicles “exploded” during a nap.

Although the situation was undeniably serious and the health problem genuine, Galloway’s own description of his symptoms is fortunately only colorful.

Galloway, 25, who plays for the Clemson Tigers in the college league, told about the wild-sounding episode on Instagram In the Stories section.

– In the morning I went to the gym to lift weights. I returned home and took a nap. When I woke up, my testicles had exploded.

Since Galloway speaks calmly in the video and the spouse who recorded the speech laughed at the comment, it is possible to conclude from the situation that it is actually something less serious.

However, according to Galloway, the situation was so bad that he had to be operated on. The operation returned the testicles to normal.

– I don’t know what happened to my balls. I guess they wanted to be basketballs, he jokes on social media.

Galloway later commented on the pain he experienced with a rating of “10/10”.

– This is probably how women feel during menstruation, he sympathized.

However, according to the man, everything is fine now, although the origin of the swollen testicles remained a mystery. Galloway says that he is now on sick leave for a week before returning to real work.