Status: 11/18/2022 9:53 p.m

    The Niners Chemnitz basketball players unleashed an offensive firework display on Friday (November 18) in the 106:94 (61:42) win against Hakro Merlins Crailsheim. With the third win in a row, the Saxons pushed themselves into the play-off ranks and also successfully took revenge for the 72:86 defeat suffered in the cup round of 16 in Crailsheim.

    In front of 4,300 spectators in the exhibition hall, the hosts got off to a great start and laid the foundation for subsequent success with a 12-0 run in the first three minutes. The Crailsheimers were not able to stop the Chemnitz offensive for long stretches of the game. The ball ran excellently in the ranks of the hosts, who repeatedly played out free throwing chances. Over 36:19 (10th minute) the Niners pulled away to 79:48 (26th minute). Only in the final quarter did the Saxons lose their concentration a little given the clear lead.

    Mindaugas Susinskas (20), Marko Filipovity, Arnas Velickas (19 each), Jonas Richter (16), Kevin Yebo (12) and Wes Clark (1 ) scored the most points in the cohesive host team. Among the guests, the most successful throwers were Otis Livingstone (17), Edon Maxhuni, Arunas Mikalauskas (15 each), Maurice Stuckey (13), Bruno Vrcic (11) and Fabian Bleck (10).