For the third time the Sardinians get to play for the trophy: success in the sprint with 23 points by the Lithuanian Bendzius

    The Supercoppa promotes Sassari for tomorrow’s final (in the third assault on this trophy) which overtakes Tortona at the photo finish.

    Tortona-Sassari 83-84

    Semi-final fought between the outsiders designated by the tournament, balanced and also very chaotic in the chemistry of the game and in the inclusion of some new foreign players (see Jones from Sassari and Harper from Tortona). Schizophrenic match, with many quick and even improvised solutions. Sassari relies on Robinson, Tortona on Daum, that is the players already inside the systems of coach Bucchi and Ramondino. But we also see the news, for example the play Christon, the summer hit of the Piedmontese club. Scoring in tears, with continuous overtaking. Tortona makes better use of the three-point shot. No team takes more than 7 points advantage (35-42 for Tortona in the final second quarter), Sassari always returns and goes on to lead in the last 2 ‘with Bendzius’ triple. But Christon does not want to give up, Tortona is ahead 83-81 with 15 ”from the end. But still Bendzius, the silent Lithuanian, hits from three points. Tortona time out to organize the decisive attack at -11 “. This time Christon fails to replicate in penetration. But there is still a chance to overturn the result to -3 ”. Another time out by Ramondino, another attempt by Christon who is canceled by Onuaku with a block above the ring, one of those that put an exclamation point on the game.

    Sassari: Bendzius 23, Robinson 18, Onuaku 9
    Tortona: Christon 25, Daum 23, Filloy 7