The trial for the Baez Sosa case reaches its final stretch, since the stage of the allegations began. The 8 defendants listened to the long exposition remaining, most of the time, silent and almost without movingbut some of them let slip yawns and gestures while, after the fourth intermission, the Sosa family lawyer, Fernando Burlando make his intervention. Most of the time they stared at Mocking, interrupting the gaze by lowering their heads.

    Blas Cinelli, Enzo Comelli Y Matias Benicelli they yawned at times, and Ayrton Violaz He stared at Burlando while he developed his argument. Maximilian Thomsen He maintained an angry look in some sections, the same as Luciano Pertosi. In counterpoint, Luke Y Cyrus Pertossi, Luciano’s brother and cousin respectively, showed themselves withdrawn and with a resigned attitude. Throughout the plea, those who followed the hearing on networks with the hashtag #JusticiaPorFernando repudiated these gestures, judging them as a sign of “arrogance” and a lack of “empathy” and “repentance.”

    During the plea, Burlando showed an image to “synthesize” the “human carnage” to which the victim was subjected: “Fernando Baez Sosa, on his knees, his hands on the floor, and without even looking, because perhaps he understood that that look could mean a lack of respect, and he asks for contemplation, clemency. The response, most excellent court, was a kick to the head, and another one, and another one…” pointed out the Sosa family lawyer.

    The hearing began at 10:00 a.m. Criminal Court 1 de Dolores, with the presence of the eight defendants, the parties and the parents of the victim. Before that, Burlando had advanced when he arrived at the court, that “there are four candidates” to denounce for false testimony. In the crosshairs is, for example, a defense expert that he put inUndoubtedly the CPR maneuvers performed on Báez Sosa after the beating.

    The president of the Oral Court of DoloresJudge María Claudia Castro, opened the hearing by presenting the prosecutor gustavo garciawho began his argument with a review of how the events that led to the murder of Báez Sosa occurred.

    “Around 4:30 a.m., they took advantage of the fact that Báez Sosa and his friends were chatting distractedly and that police personnel had to withdraw due to another conflict, they attacked Fernando by surprise,” he said. He then recounted that the rugby players also beat up some of Fernando’s friends, so they could hit him without interruption.

    According to García, “in the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office, it was a doubly aggravated homicide for having been committed with treachery and the participation of two or more people and in competition with repeated minor injuries,” he defined.

    “We are convinced that Thomsen threatened Fernando“, he affirmed regarding a sign that the defendant made with his hand around his neck inside the bowling alley the briqueof Villa Gesell, in front of which the events occurred. According to the prosecutor, “Fernando hit Thomsen and that motivated them to end up killing him.”

    Shortly after, the defender of the rugby players, the lawyer Hugo Tomei, objected to a video edition that shows the different videos of the event chronologically and synchronously, incorporated into the file. “There is a technical aspect that is more probative than the plea. This is a new approach, with editions and they put the defense in a different position, lower down. It seems to me that it would not be appropriate,” said the defender. Judge Castro denied Tomei’s request and the hearing went ahead.

    Garcia maintained that the crime was committed with “premeditation” although “there were no roles or functions, everyone did everything, they agreed and they hit it.” “The previous contest does not require much deliberation, it can be instantaneous. In this event there was a strategy, a planning of how to start the attack,” said García, who then exposed the autopsy of the body of Báez Sosa and showed how on his face the print of the shoe was recorded Maximilian Thomsen, one of the defendants. García was forceful: “As the bullfighters take the bull’s ear, that was leaving the stamp on Fernando, that stamp is the one that Máximo Thomsen left on the face of Fernando Báez Sosa.”

    After the prosecutor Juan Manuel Davila detail the role of each of the 8 defendants in the beating, asked that all rugby players be sentenced to life imprisonment under the figure ofdouble-aggravated homicide for treachery and in a premeditated contest of two or more people and repeated minor injuries.” He also requested that an investigation be initiated for bad testimony against Juan Pedro Guarino Y Thomas Colazo, under the presumption that both friends of the defendants lied in their testimonial statement. Then, after the fourth intermission, Fernando Burlando began his presentation.

    by RN

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