Beverwijk’s short track harness racing is back. It’s as if the horse race that took place today never went away. It was very busy and as usual there was a lot of betting on the horses.

    For the first time in the history of short track trotting, the event was not in August but in June. The organization has chosen this because many people are on holiday in August and, as the statistics have shown, the chance of good weather in June is greater. Those stats were right.

    The sun shone brightly. Overly exuberant even. It was sweltering hot in the Breestraat. Due to the heat, the ambulance had to come in a few times to help unwell spectators back on their feet.

    Water and beer

    Drinking plenty of water was the motto of the first aid. Still, it was mostly beer that went into it. “I understand,” says a first aider. “It is of course very pleasant. But I hope that people also drink some water, find a place in the shade and ensure that they ingest some salt.”

    Hans van der linden, chairman of the organizing committee, walks proudly through the VIP tent. “We have achieved this nicely,” he says, looking around. “So many people, so many sponsors! Two years of standstill has certainly not been a step backwards.”

    History repeats

    In sporting terms, too, much remained the same. Archange de Jiel with pikeur Mats Wester became the winner, just like in the last edition before the corona break in 2019.