Back to the WC! Revealed a juicy detail

The Finnish golden eagle legend will fly again in the WC.

Janne Ahonen jumps from a normal hill. Pasi Liesimaa

Janne Ahonen45, said on Saturday Mightily In the sports studio, the news that many hopefuls were waiting for this winter: The golden eagle is returning to the jumping tower. The hill jumper adds that it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

Ahonen is supposed to participate in the normal hill competition organized in Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi in mid-April.

Ahonen ended his illustrious career in 2018, but still visited the SM hill a year ago to test his abilities. At that time, he jumped from suurmäki to the SM bronze. In the opening and at the same time the final race of this season, Ahonen does not create pressure for himself to succeed.

At the same time, he hints that the competition outfit has a juicy detail.

– Let’s put it this way, my goal is to be the fastest in the meter cells in the bow. And I know I have the best looking helmet in the race. I won’t say more about it yet, Ahonen said Above.

Mäkitorn’s spring invitation got Ahonen on the list of registrants, even though a year ago he had sworn to himself that he would stay away from the normal hill. The last time he jumped from a normal hill was five years ago.

– When the spring weather comes and the sun is shining, then you start to feel like you want to go to the sledding hill like a little boy to have fun. After all, we cannot know whether the sun will be shining in Rovaniemi at that time. There is also a chance that it will rain and wind and everything will be boring and disgusting, but let’s hope for the best.

On Friday, Ahonen toyed with the idea of ​​participating in the SC Games on Instagram.

– Damn, I was thinking that in a couple of weeks there were normal mountain championships in Ounasvaara. What hill would not be normal? I don’t know, Mr. Should the skis be greased, Ahonen wrote.