Bachelor Suomi is the hair cap model of love reality – That’s why permanent couples are not born

Would love deepen more easily if, instead of sitting on a park bench, you rode a white horse into the sunset with your evening dress fluttering and cellos playing? asks entertainment journalist Miia Vatka.

Bachelor Finland’s rose ceremony looks like this. MTV

The Bachelor in Finland has progressed to the middle of the season.

These bachelors, Anton and The same, have been able to date, kiss and comfort a little. Women have been escorted home from rose ceremonies and new ones have been welcomed.

But the Finnish version looks like a very hairy cap model next to Bachelors from other countries.

I just watched the eighth season of Bachelor Australia, which features a 30-year-old sleazy adventure guide Locky looking for the love of his life.

The amount of glamor and luxury!

The Bachelor mansion and its courtyards were constantly bursting with mood lights and candles, on dates we flew in a helicopter and listened to a private string concert in a fabulous milieu in the middle of nature, the “home visits” were staged in slightly more pretentious rooms and every single time bottles of champagne were popped open.

Of course, even those who qualified for the program were as if ripped straight from model catalogs. Naturally, the former miss was also present.

Perfectly beautiful people were also surely made up and combed in the chair of a professional for every single day of filming.

On a date in the Finnish version, you sit on a park bench and snack on grapes from the freezer. And with all the love, rose ceremony evening gown hairstyles look homemade.

Bachelor love reality is a fairy tale for adults.

In it, the handsome prince is looking for his beautiful princess, and the setting should basically look like there is also half a kingdom in store.

The viewer wants to see love in a fairytale setting.

It’s clear that even in Australia, on a real-life date, you don’t necessarily sit in a cocktail dress on the deck of a bar, but you go around in shorts and a t-shirt in a small pub.

And the more modest Finnish way of life by no means means that love can’t run rampant.

So where is the rot?

Finnish bachelors have not yet found a longer-term partner in the program in any season.

On the other hand, in the season I watched in Australia, Locky fell head over heels in love To Irena – and To Bella. In the end, he chose Irena.

It appears from foreign media sources and Locky’s Instagram that after filming, the couple got engaged, moved under the same roof and got a dog. One is still held, three years after the shooting of the program.

And this foreign Bachelor season is by no means the only one where permanent couples have been formed.

Finnish bachelors have complained that the love born in the program’s “bubble” does not last in normal everyday life – the difference between the descriptions and real life is too big.

How big is it in Australia, where we return from a much larger luxury to normal life?

Would it help if in Finland too we were properly pulled over and invested in the framework of love reality?

Would love deepen more easily if, instead of sitting on a park bench, we rode a white horse into the sunset with evening gowns fluttering and cellos playing, and instead of a warm hug at the last rose ceremony, we were served a real diamond ring?

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