AZ beats PEC Zwolle and remains clear in the Premier League

AZ brought three points from Zwolle. The Alkmaarders were too strong for PEC with a large score (0-3). This seems to have washed away the hangover from Mostar (4-3).

AZ started well in the away match against PEC Zwolle. Yukinari Sugawara found Mayckel Lahdo after fifteen minutes, who scored: 0-1. The first danger from PEC came after a header by Ferdy Druijf and Lennart Thy, but both attempts went wide of the goal.

Quickly in the second half, the Alkmaarders doubled the margin to two. Myron van Brederode dribbled in and shot beautifully: 0-2. PEC thought they would get a penalty after a foul by Riechedly Bazoer on Tolis Vellios. However, the referee’s decision was overturned by VAR. Vangelis Pavlidis scored the last goal and the final decision: 0-3.

AZ setup: Ryan; Sugawara (Kasius/54), Bazoer, Penetra, Møller Wolfe (Martins Indi/70); Clasie, D. De Wit, Mijnans; Lahdo (Odgaard/54), Pavlidis, Van Brederode (Sadiq/83).