Aspiring police officer guilty of attempted theft and manslaughter on an elderly person in Jurbeke | Inland

The lifeless body of the 80-year-old was found by a home nurse on March 23, 2020. The victim was at the bottom of the stairs. The coroner found 59 injuries.

Footage from nearby city cameras showed a suspect, who was identified by the victim’s grandson as Mélissa Beth, his ex-girlfriend. On the day of the crime, the young man had encountered her near his grandfather’s house.

Police found clothing at Mélissa Beth’s home that resembled those of the suspect in the CCTV footage. A cap with traces of blood was found in the trunk of her car.

An investigation revealed that the suspect had heavy debts and that she had to pay off a large debt on March 25. The elderly man had cash in the house. Everything indicated to the prosecution that it was a robbery that went wrong.

Mélissa Beth was a junior police inspector at Jurbise Academy. Her education would be completed two months later.


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