Lprotagonist of the prequel of Mad Max: Fury Road has given fans of the film some burning anticipations. Anya Taylor-Joy will take on the role of Furiousin her “younger” version than when we met her played by Charlize Theron in the 2015 film. So, yes: it’s all true. Those who are eagerly awaiting the new chapter in the franchise could see some nice surprises on the big screen.

    Anya Taylor-Joy: «When I manage to be dirty and bloody it means I’m having a lot of fun»

    In an interview with IndieWire American actress and model with British citizenship which debuted in The Witch by Robert Eggers in 2015 gave away some previews on the prequel to George Miller’s franchise. According to what was communicated some time ago, Mad Max: Furious could be released in June 2023.

    Compared to his experience on the set of FuriousAnya Taylor-Joy said. «It’s the dirtiest and bloodiest I’ve ever seen. And that definitely means something. Every time I get dirty and bloody and not perfectly pretty and groomed it means that I am really enjoying it and that I’m feeling at ease.”

    And he concluded. “Therefore i would say that Furious it was definitely a movie up my street».

    The actress – Golden Globe winner how Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television for his (starring) role in the Netflix mini-series The chess queen) – replaces Charlize Theron as Furiosa in the franchise. In Mad Max: Fury Road the Empress Furiosa tries to escape together with the tyrant’s concubines with the help of the protagonist, Max Rockatansky (played by Tom Hardy). She had in fact been chosen as one of her concubines but, subsequently, she had been ruled out as infertile.

    Anya Taylor-Joy on November 16 in New York. Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

    Also in the cast of the film will be Tom Burke, Nathan Jones, Angus Sampson and Chris Hemsworth. The latter, 39 years old and interpreter of Thor in the Marvel saga, has just confessed to having a predisposition to Alzheimer’s. And, for this reason, she said. “I stop acting for a while. Now I want to go home and spend more time with my wife and kids».

    From childhood in Buenos Aires to fashion, met by chance in London

    In one of our interviews in August (on the occasion of which iO Woman he dedicated them the cover of the weekly), Anya Taylor-Joy spoke of the female universe. And gods her roles as tough and courageous women. «By too often representing women in a one-dimensional way, one deprives oneself of an incredible range of shades. In general, human beings are never so linear, nor so polite. A wide range of emotions vibrates in them».

    And she opened up about her calling as an actress. A theme that brings her back to when she passed his childhood in Buenos Aires, sixth of six children. “I went for walks in the woods and played all the characters. It may seem strange, but I had a voice in my head suggesting that I become an actress, because it was the path that would bring me peace and happiness. It was really lucky that this profession existed, because without it I think I would have gone crazy».

    Anya Taylor-Joy, the look that seduces: black dress in lace and very white skin

    Then, the move to London, wanted by her father, and her related protests as a girl in love with her childhood in the midst of nature, with the hope of returning to Argentina. But the future for her was already written: the co-founder of the supermodel agency Storm (discoverer of Kate Moss) he sees her walking in London, near the Harrods department store and convinces her to show. The first film, then, arrives when she is sixteen: it is The Witchdirected by Robert Eggers.

    «Each character has helped me grow, revealed something about myself, or pushed me to face my limits. Sometimes we realize it in the moment, others, we realize it when the film is finished».