Dr. Marcelo Carta is a dentist specialized in Dental Aesthetics, Implantology and Prosthetics, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1984, where he was appointed as Head to develop and promote these techniques at just over 20 years of age. “I always joke that in my free time my hobby is to read, practice, study and learn more about my profession. I do not do it out of ambition, but because I love to investigate, discover and apply solutions for any difficulty that the patient may have in their mouth”, emphasizes Dr.

    He is a member of the ITMMI, International Team of Modern Monolithics Implants, a team of experts that brings together successful professionals from around the world, has given more than 400 conferences and has also carried out improvements in the United States, Sweden, France and Brazil, for which he is in contact with the most important implantologists on the planet.

    Although he lives in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Marcelo Carta also works in Buenos Aires together with his colleague, Dr. Lucas García Sánchez. The novelty is that in cases that require a few days for a solution, Carta offers its patients an innovative Health + Tourism system, with tickets to Ushuaia and accommodation included, which do not increase treatment costs and represent a comfortable, fast and effective so that the person who travels to be treated can enjoy certain moments of relaxation, getting to know some points of the southernmost city in the world.

    As a friend of the famous actress, he managed as a professional in record time to solve the serious problems that she presented in her mouth, launching an interdisciplinary plan, and thus explains: “The purely dental treatment had three fundamental stages: the first It is what we professionals call pacification, carried out by Dr. Lucas García Sánchez in the Federal Capital, of absolute priority, where he aimed to calm the pain he suffered. The primary objective was to eliminate acute discomfort so that he could eat more normally and restore chewing function through the healing of gums and soft tissues by removing inflammation”.

    Everything improved with very quick solutions, what did the second phase consist of?

    It was planning, with studies carried out by means of X-rays and panoramic tomography models in software with 3D programs. Always working as a team, which implies carrying out interdisciplinary talks to evaluate the evolution of the patient’s health in each consultation. Everything was thought based on an immune system weakened by his clinical picture of low weight. Therefore, so that it is not bloody or invasive, the working method was not surgical. It began by removing everything that had to be removed, it was transformed through carving and periodontal treatment, and soft tissues were conditioned to receive the new structure.

    How was your improvement achieved in record time?

    With the last stage, reconstruction and rehabilitation, where we worked with zirconium, a totally biocompatible and totally aesthetic high-tech material, sophisticated 3D printers and computerized milling machines.

    What are we talking about when we refer to 3D implants?

    They allow to make an impression of the teeth and the subsequent implants in 3D by means of a laser scanner in the laboratory. Thanks to this it was possible to make dental prosthetic restorations. The laboratory prepares and scans the work and a computerized milling machine makes the zirconium teeth. Through the tooth scanner, parts can be produced more quickly and economically than with traditional ceramic moulds. That is why I insist with the message and I want people to come to see me relaxed for their consultation, since any dental problem has an immediate and painless solution; the mentioned case is the best example.

    For consultations:

    Cell Phone: 2901-633853

    Instagram: @odontologiadrcarta

    Facebook: Dr Marcelo Carta

    Mail: [email protected]

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