Anti-bullying day, who are the victims?

Per an unusual and “incomprehensible” passion for dancing (Ciro was “Ciro the Dancer”). For the long hair and the way of dressing «that didn’t fit with the school context» (Gianluca Fru was Jesus or Mowgli). Or for the physical aspect a bit like… Calimero (Fabio Balsamo). Even The Jackal stumbled during their adolescence in the … struggles of adolescence, as they tell in the video below. And sometimes very little is needed for a simple and apparently innocent teasing to degenerate into an episode of bullying. Or, in this historical period of overwhelming power of social networks, of cyberbullying.

Bullying and cyberbullying, The Jackal talk about their adolescence

This is why The Jackal, together with Matteo Berrettini, have lent their faces and experiences to the awareness project on the subject promoted by Head&Shoulders, of which they are testimonials. It is no coincidence that the anti-dandruff shampoo brand has taken sides in this sense. Even a trivial problem like dandruff can in fact create insecurity in people. And, under “ideal” conditions, degenerate.

Those with dandruff are bullied twice as much

According to surveys conducted by the brand, over 50% of people start having dandruff problems in adolescence, before the age of 15. «The data is alarming and cannot be ignored. One in 3 kids is bullied and those with dandruff are twice as likely to be», explains Valeria Consorte, Vice President Beauty Care P&G ItaliaOgnuno. “In their own sphere, everyone must play their part against the fight against bullying and ensure that no young person ever feels alone in facing it”.

Dandruff exacerbates a sense of malaise and inadequacy already typical of adolescence and triggers mechanisms of insecurity. 30% of boys with dandruff avoid social gatherings, 70% consider themselves less attractive and 40% blame themselves for suffering from this problem. Unfortunately, the repercussions can also be seen in the long run. 54% of adults who experienced dandruff in their teens report that the behavior of their peers has had an impact on their adult life in terms of low self-esteem and problems with anxiety and depression.

An awareness project for secondary schools

Hence the Spalla a Shoulder project, created with the association Do X Well which has been engaged in the activity of since 2010 awareness, prevention, education and fight against gender differences, discrimination, bullying and cyberbullying in schools. It is aimed at two-year students of a selection of 2nd grade secondary schools and their reference adults (teachers, parents and ATA staff). 20 schools located throughout the national territory will be able to benefit from this special training course.

How to apply for your institution (until 5 April)

Consumers contribute to the selection of institutions by applying for their own school on the site dedicated to Shoulder to Shoulder (at the same time as registering the proof of purchase of a Head&Shoulders product). The 20 institutions that receive the highest number of applications between now and 5 April 2023 obtain participation in the project. The process in schools is divided into several phases. Questionnaires are planned at the beginning and at the end of the course, distributed to all students involved, their families and teachers. At the beginning they help to establish the critical issues and at the end they highlight the understanding of the transmitted contents.

Then there will be awareness-raising and training activities for children and for teachers and parents, to learn to recognize and combat the phenomenon of bullying. But there will also be specific meetings intended for the classes of the school that most need intervention and which are selected by the Headmaster. Round tables, role-playing games, surveys, word clouds and Q&As will be tools for this process. On the site dedicated to Shoulder to shoulder There are many free download educational materials on bullying, on how to recognize it, fight it and overcome it, divided into adults and children. And also advice aimed at those suffering from the problem of dandruff, with scientific explanations on the causes of this phenomenon and suggestions to help solve it.

Matteo Berrettini’s testimony on cyberbullying

Steps for The Jackal who, between irony and a “normal” physical appearance, tell of experiences in which every kid can relate. But Matteo Berrettini? Charming and successful, it’s hard to imagine him being bullied. Nevertheless… “You can’t imagine how bad the comments from followers are after a defeat and how much they can hurt those who give their best every day in every game», says the tennis champion. “I would like to tell all the kids that we shouldn’t let the bad comments of others put us down, but go ahead with stubbornness, even seeking the help of those around us who love us if we think we can’t make it”.