Anna Nooshin approaches Yvonne in an expensive restaurant: ‘Act normally!’

Anna Nooshin ended up with her teasing spirit Yvonne Coldeweijer in an expensive Amsterdam restaurant. She tried to bribe her there with some drinks. “Don’t do it.”

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Yvonne Coldeweijer appears in every nightmare of Anna Nooshin. The influencer was especially screwed when Yvonne discovered two years ago that she was blatantly buying fake followers, but it also stings Anna that she is portrayed as someone who has lost her relevance every time.

White flag

For the first time, Yvonne now reveals that Anna has sometimes approached her in the nightlife. “’Annanoes’ came once. I was eating in a very expensive restaurant, Nela, and then all of a sudden I had drinks thrown at me. Then he sent me a drink. I told my girlfriend, ‘It’s just not necessary. Don’t do it now.’ Because I don’t care.”

She continues in The Juice Show: “I don’t hate her, but I don’t like her either, so I don’t care. But then she started sending me booze. At one point I felt bad. Then I just sent a drink back as a kind of white flag or something. But then she came to me.”

Act normal

What happened then? Yvonne: “So she sat down next to me and then she started saying: ‘Yes, I just think it’s very… I hope we can act normal towards each other now.’ I say, ‘What are you talking about? I act normal with everyone, but if I tomorrow juice about you, I’ll just post it again.’ It’s kind of my style too, isn’t it?”

“Then she said: ‘Yes, yes, I understand that. That’s your job too and all that.’ Yes, look, people think I really hate those people deeply and deeply, but it’s just something I write and then I go back to the Appie, do some shopping. Guys, you’re just reading this too: hahaha, next. That’s how I write it. I don’t lie awake with resentment towards celebrities or something.”

BN’er code

Co-host Mark Koster: “No, but you are touching something now. These are celebrities among themselves and celebrities among themselves have a kind of code. From: we are this, we are friendly to each other.”

Yvonne: “But that is fake. Everyone knows that they also back each other’s dicks. I have nothing to do with those people. Look, just because you’re giving me booze doesn’t mean I’m not talking about your juice or anything.”

“I don’t owe you!”

Mark: “No, but that’s not what she means by it. She means by this: we are both familiar and we must form one front.”

Yvonne: “Yes, Jamie Vaes thinks so too. Yeah, Jamie thinks that’s because we’re women. Hahaha, well you don’t have to start with me about that. Women support women? F*ck off! I support people where I feeling have at that moment. And on Monday that can be you and on Tuesday no longer. I don’t owe you anything!