06/24/2022 at 12:42


    A specialist had to fall from a three-story building but suffered a mishap

    The science section of ‘El Hormiguero’ usually has simple or, at least, risk-free experiments, but this is not always the case. During the visit of Oscar Casas, the Marron section had a stuntman who had to fall 10 meters from a building engulfed in flames. However, the action did not develop as it should.

    “We are going to go to the parking lot, where we have prepared an action scene that we are going to experience live with specialists. Two specialists they are going to fight on top of a 10-meter building, they will fall through the awnings of this building without any lifeline or anything and there will be explosions also in between that will set them on fire”, explained the collaborator.

    “You are going to see how wonderful the props team has created with these buildings. There we have Ricardo and Miguel, who wear two nomex suits, which are fire retardant, impregnated with fire retardant gel, on top of the clothes and on top of the clothes the flammable gel what is what it will catch fire when they fall and there are different explosions“he told the guest.

    However, aware of the risk of the section, they already warned that “We have the firefighters, the ambulance… Everything we need in case anything happens that there is no problem”. “In the rehearsal they have done it and you will see that it is very impressive because it is very ‘Lethal Weapon’ and they do not see anything”, added the presenter. After making the explanations, they gave the go-ahead for the action to begin , but something went wrong.

    “He’s hooked! I’ve got a person hooked!”, shouted Trancas y Barrancas when they saw that one of the people had stopped in the middle of the fall. “Up, up!” Marron yelled, somewhat shaken, as firefighters douse the man’s flames with a hose from below. Despite the shock, when the specialist lowered has assured that “everything is fine. Some crystalline maybe or something, but it’s all good.”