An emotional plea from the wife of Bruce Willis, who has dementia

Emma Heming Willis is worried about the safety of her husband Bruce.

Bruce and Emma Heming Willis. PDO

A person with dementia Bruce Willis67, wife Emma Heming Willis, 44, shared an emotional video on Instagram asking the paparazzi to stay away from her seriously ill husband. He hopes people would stop yelling at the pensioner Die Hard -star when seeing him.

– Don’t shout those ‘wohoo’ and ‘jippikai’ shouts at him.

Heming goes on to say how she is stressed by the thought of her husband not being safe in public. She would hope that the paparazzi would allow family members or other people who move with her husband to walk with the sick man in peace, without fear.

You can also watch the video from here.

– I know this is yours [paparazzien] work, but I still ask you to keep your distance.

Finally, Heming asks the loved ones of those struggling with dementia for help on how to keep their loved ones safe.

Bruce Willis was recently photographed on the street. PDO

Already last March, it was reported that Willis would stop acting. The reason was aphasia. It means that the ability to produce speech is reduced.

– Due to this and after much consideration, Bruce is leaving a career that has meant a lot to him, the family announced at the time.

There were rumors about Willis’s memory problems even earlier. Among other things, a film director Dan Przygoda wrote on his Twitter account that Willis suffers from dementia.