Amsterdam based brand GOSECRAFT presents the Fall/Winter 23 collection: “Meet me in the city”

Image: Goosecraft, courtesy of the brand

The collection – a play between eclectic earth tones and rich greens and mustards – is inspired by a person who moves from city to city and wants to dress differently for every occasion. The collection consists of proven faux fur, leather and teddy jackets, elaborate suits and tops, chunky knits, animal print dresses and blouses.

City life was a great inspiration for this collection: "We are noticing that more and more customers are no longer necessarily buying clothes with a specific look or for a specific occasion. Everyone is busy and on the go, and clothing should accompany you. The city is always a fusion of different people and styles. The colors, materials and design language are therefore uniform, but also rich in contrast. Combined with our leather qualities and sophisticated styles that we always offer, it has created an on-trend and really cool aesthetic that still has a feminine twist."

The new winter collection builds on the success of faux fur from previous collections. These have been given a new look: contrasting materials, padding and carefully crafted details. "Clothing should serve the wearer and be a form of expression. By playing with these contrasts, we give the wearer the freedom to dress casually or smartly."

GOSECRAFT has been on the rise for several seasons with its complete fashion collections. This season there is a large selection of dresses and blouses with wild animal prints, which can also be found on jackets, as well as wide sweaters and suits in modern fits, all of which have been implemented in the unusual GOSECRAFT way. Rivets, embroidery and patches are plentiful and complete the picture of the collection – effortless, edgy and always rock ‘n’ roll.

"Ultimately, we want to give consumers a sense of confidence and freedom with each of our collections. Set your own rules and, most importantly, think outside the box".

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Image: Goosecraft, courtesy of the brand


Today GOSECRAFT is more than the leather brand of yesteryear and offers a complete fashion collection. The brand believes that everyone should be able to feel like the rock star of their own life without feeling ashamed. The label follows the approach that everyone who wants to be part of GOSECRAFT is self-confident in life. Follow your own rules and make the ordinary the legendary. Discover the Rock’n’Roll in every day.


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