Former Milan player Massimo Ambrosini spoke to Dazn about the derby of the Madonna scheduled for Saturday

    The former Milan midfielder now in Dazn as a talent Massimo Ambrosini spoke to Dazn. About the derby between Milan and Inter scheduled for Saturday he said: “If Inter win, Milan could probably abandon their Scudetto dreams. But I see it, speaking of comparisons with cycling, as a mountain stage, those that can mark the pace of those behind and can recover lost ground. Winning could be decisive “. These are the words to Dazn of the former Rossoneri player Massimo Ambrosini about the Milan derby.

    During the Maracana program broadcast on Tutto Mercato Web, the well-known former goalkeeper Simone Braglia spoke about Milan and said: “Milan is a team that has been planning this rejuvenation policy for at least a couple of years. It has the right mix now, that’s okay with me. The key match will be the derby. For both of them it will be very clear for the objectives. Zlatan Ibrahimovic? I would see him as a manager next year and no longer on the pitch. “These are the words of the former goalkeeper Simone Braglia to the microphones of Tutto Mercato Web during the Maracana program regarding the Rossoneri’s winter transfer market.

    The CEO of Novara Calcio Giuseppe Di Bari spoke on Sportitalia to talk about Milan and its market. “What was expected is that he could do something, given the many injuries. I think they assessed the risk. We must also be lucky to find the right situation ”. These are the words of the Novara Calcio CEO Giuseppe Di Bari who spoke on Sportitalia to talk about Milan and its winter transfer market.


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