Amber Heard defecated Johnny Depp on the bed

The ex-couple lawsuit goes through dirty details.

Wild allegations have been made in court about Amber Heard. Heard’s defense team will be heard later in a trial that will last several weeks. aop

Actor Johnny Depp’s bodyguard gave a sad infamous testimony about Amber Heard on Thursday at trial.

Depp and Heard are in the court, as they have both sued each other for defamation. The trial goes into detail about the common history of the ex-married couple and the allegations by both that the other was relatively violent.

In addition to the acts of violence, the stories involve other special events, such as feces found in bed. Depp has already told the story before the trial that one day he found a poop in his bed that he believed was from Heard.

Johnny Depp is seeking $ 50 million in damages for insulting his honor. aop

Depp reported the case earlier during the trial. The events take place in 2016, when Heard celebrated its 30th birthday. At the time, Depp and Heard were married and the party was held in their shared penthouse in Los Angeles.

Depp said he was late for the party, after which Heard had barked and hit him. Depp left the apartment for his second home in the Hollywood Hills. The next morning, Heard left for the Coachella Festival, and the cleaners found feces in the couple’s bed. The feces were placed on the Depp side of the bed.

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The cleaner took a picture of the feces and sent it to Depp’s bodyguard. The bodyguard showed the picture to Depp.

– My first reaction was laughter. It was so incomprehensible, strange and grotesque that I had to laugh, Depp said in the courtroom.

Now one of Depp’s bodyguards has proved the story true in court. He said he left with Heard and his entourage for the Coachella festival, when Heard said he left a “surprise on the bed”. According to the guard, Heard said it was “a horrible practical joke that went wrong”.

According to Depp, Heard claimed the feces were the works of his dogs, but Depp did not believe him.

Source: Insider

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are in the councils in the state of Virginia.