Alpine skiing live: Kranjska Gora giant slalom (women) in the live ticker | 08.01.2023 09:30


Stephanie Bruner (AUT)

Stephanie Brunner is initially even a bit faster than Gritsch, but then almost sits down in the snow with a completely messed up swing and loses speed. Nevertheless, Brunner is visibly satisfied with 19th place at the finish.


Franziska Gritsch (AUT)

Can Franziska Gritsch knock the ÖSV out again today? Yesterday she was the twelfth best Austrian. Today she is late at the gates several times, but is still much faster than all her teammates. Rank 18


Andrea Ellenberger (SUI)

As a pure giant slalom skier, Andrea Ellenberger should actually be able to move something here, but she doesn’t find the momentum either and skis too many extra meters.


Alice Robinson (NZL)

As always, Alice Robinson attacks with full risk, but as almost always also makes some technical mistakes. 15th place for the New Zealander, who shook her head in disappointment at the finish.


Camille Rast (SUI)

Camille Rast drew attention in Zagreb with sixth place in the slalom. The Swiss is braver again, but is not yet able to cope in giant slalom and takes too long in the turns. She is also missing more than two seconds.


Mina Fuerst Holtmann (NOR)

Even better! Mina Fuerst Holtmann is also on the move quickly and, unlike her compatriot, does not make any mistakes. An unspectacular but spotless run ended in eighth place.


Maria Therese Tviberg (NOR)

it looked completely different. Maria Therese Tviberg is much more rhythmic than the ÖSV women before and, above all, saves time at the back. Despite a big mistake, the Norwegian is eleventh and has her eye on the top ten.


Catherine Liensberger (AUT)

The ÖSV has so far had two catastrophic times and one failure. Does Katharina Liensberger turn things around? She always tries and invests an awful lot, but that’s just shaky and messy. The four Austrians who have started so far currently occupy the last four places.


Ricarda Haaser (AUT)

Ricarda Haaser was still good yesterday with 14th place for ÖSV conditions. The 29-year-old is at least self-confident and still has every chance of being in the top ten today. But then the inside ski error occurs and Haaser is out!

10:02 a.m

Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT)

Three Austrians are now on top? Can at least one convince and drive towards the top seven, as the ÖSV has given it as a daily goal? Ramona Siebenhofer starts things off, but just like Katharina Truppe, she’s in a completely different league than the rest of the field. And that in a negative sense. Siebenhofer gets almost four seconds!

10:00 a.m

Wendy Holdener (SUI)

Wendy Holdener is still not the strong force in giant slalom that she is in slalom. The Swiss makes a big mistake early on and almost stops. Missing more than two seconds at the finish.


Ana Bucik (SLO)

Ana Bucik was a strong eighth yesterday. Is there maybe even more going on in front of a home crowd today? At the top, like all runners now, she loses half a second to Shiffrin, but then finishes it solidly and, in ninth place, has another chance of a good placement.


Coralie Frasse Sombet (FRA)

Coralie Frasse Sombet tied the same time as Mikaela Shiffrin yesterday. If you can do that today, that would be awesome. But the French is far behind early on and never really gets into this run. Then she also loses a stick and is finally out of rhythm.


Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR)

Ragnhild Mowinckel is also far from being back at her best and seems unsure on the icy slopes. The Norwegian finishes the turns early, but has little pressure on the boards and is constantly losing time.


Paula Moltzan (USA)

Who can still endanger Mikaela Shiffrin? Paula Moltzan basically has what it takes, after all she regularly outperforms her compatriot, at least in training. Today, after a solid start, Moltzan is twice late and has to make corrections. That takes too much time.


Michelle Gisin (SUI)

Michelle Gisin does not have to order today either. The Swiss skier is way too passive and doesn’t let her skis run at all. Visibly trying, Gisin somehow fights his way to the finish and is two seconds behind.


Maryna Gasienica Daniel (POL)

Maryna Gasienica Daniel sells well and drives good angles, but lacks the necessary aggressiveness to attack at the front. At the end she also runs out of breath and almost miscarries.


Valerie Grenier (CAN)

Here comes Valérie Grenier! Can the Canadian repeat her strong performance from yesterday? At first she wobbles briefly, but saves herself very strongly and stays on the train. At the back, Grenier drives it almost perfectly and remains in the draw thanks to the best time in the last sector. rank three.


Thea Louise Stjernesund (NOR)

With her extremely fast swing, Thea Louise Stjernesund is actually predestined to be one of the front runners here in Slovenia. The Norwegian is also good up to halfway, then the mistakes add up to two seconds behind.


Catherine Troupe (AUT)

What’s the matter with Katharina Truppe? The Austrian didn’t work at all yesterday and this time she sneaks down the slope and makes one small mistake after the other. A whopping three and a half seconds are missing from the top!


Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI)

Lara Gut-Behrami fell off the podium yesterday in the second race. Today she could do it the other way around, because initially the Swiss is not among the front runners. A few slide phases that are too long cost time and Shiffrin is missing a second.


Sara Hector (SWE)

Something is just missing with Sara Hector at the moment. The Swede wants to attack and puts everything in, but drives the gates too straight and just doesn’t seem relaxed. Thanks to her incredible power, she keeps the gap within limits and is fourth for the time being.


Federica Brignone (ITA)

Does anyone here even come close to Shiffrin’s time? Federica Brignone obviously has what it takes and is attacking unconditionally today. The Italian throws herself into the final slope with everything she has and checks in just 24 hundredths behind the leader.


Petra Vlhova (SVK)

Petra Vlhová stormed the podium yesterday with a furious second run. This time, the Slovak is thrown twice on the steep slope and only finds her rhythm late. But the top time is long gone.


Tessa Worley (FRA)

Things just aren’t going well for Tessa Worley. The French was already a full second behind at half-time and simply overrevving too often. Nothing went right today.


Marta Bassino (ITA)

Who better to rank Shiffrin’s time than Marta Bassino, who has been on the podium in the last seven giant slaloms? Even today, the Italian is again very solid on the ski, but makes a small mistake that costs time and speed early on. Almost seven hundredths are missing on Shiffrin.


Mikaela Shiffrin (USA)

Here we go! Mikaela Shiffrin starts and tries to drive the course tighter than yesterday and to attack more. The American masters the transitions well and at first glance seems to be very fast on the somewhat harder slopes. What is the time of 55.30 seconds worth?


Good conditions

The weather is still gorgeous today in Kranjska Gora and the slope is well prepared. Even the light fog that initially hung over the track yesterday did not show up today. Mikaela Shiffrin can open this second giant slalom on Podkoren 3 under the best possible conditions.


Eleven Austrians there

Austria is once again represented in large numbers and is sending eleven athletes onto the slopes, but is still waiting for the first good result this winter. Yesterday there was again no top ten place. Katharina Liensberger, Ricarda Haaser, Franziska Gritsch, Ramona Siebenhofer or Katharina Truppe would be most likely to be able to do that today. Stephanie Brunner, Katharina Huber, Eilsa Mörzinger, Julia Scheib, Elisabeth Kappaurer and Nina Astner complete the ÖSV squad.


Switzerland hopes for Gut-Behrami

Once again, Swiss hopes rest primarily on Lara Gut-Behrami. Yesterday, the 31-year-old, who has already been on the giant slalom podium twice this season, missed the podium by just 16 hundredths. Michelle Gisin was eliminated yesterday and wants to do better today. Wendy Holdener and Andrea Ellenberger can also increase. In addition, Camille Rast, Simone Wild, Vivianne Härri, Vanessa Kasper and Priska Nufer will start for the Swiss Ski team.


DSV wants the first points

From a German point of view, the giant slalom has so far been the problem child of the winter. It is the only discipline in which the DSV has not yet been able to score a single World Cup point. Today Jessica Hilzinger and Lena Dürr want to do better and at least reach the second round.


Will Shiffrin break the record today?

After five wins in a row, Mikaela Shiffrin had to let someone else go first yesterday. And so the American will have to wait for her 82nd World Cup victory to equal the record set by compatriot Lindsey Vonn. After sixth place yesterday, Shiffrin wants to strike again today. In addition to the usual suspects such as Marta Bassino, Petra Vlhová and Sara Hector, Valérie Grenier is now one of the top favourites. The 26-year-old provided the first Canadian World Cup success since 1974 with a brilliant performance yesterday.

Warm welcome

Hello and welcome to the second women’s giant slalom in Kranjska Gora! After yesterday’s triumph by Valérie Grenier, it’s back to business today on the Vitranc. The first round starts at 9:30 a.m.