10:40 a.m

    Alexis Pinturault (FRA)

    Alexis Pinturault knows how to ride this slope. The three-time Adelboden winner is fully involved at the beginning. But then the Frenchman is always late and drives a few long distances. So Pinturault falls back almost nine tenths.


    Lucas Braathen (NOR)

    Then it’s up to Lucas Braathen. The 22-year-old tackles it boldly, there is a lot of tension in it and it affects the time. At the first split he is in front. But then his ski grips uncontrollably during a left turn, twisting him. Braathen is eliminated.


    Manuel Feller (AUT)

    Manuel Feller will then put Kristoffersen’s time to the test. Last year’s second is a bit late to finish the turns again and again. So there is always time. Feller can’t hold a candle to the Norwegian. The Tyrolean loses a comparatively large amount of time – almost a second. A disappointment!


    Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR)

    Now Henrik Kristoffersen pushes himself into the steep slope after the start. The runners are fully challenged right from the start. The Norwegian looks for his way through the turning course on the rather narrow white band in the brown-green landscape. The Scandinavian comes through quite clean. And at the very end there is the steep slope to the finish, where tens of thousands of spectators ensure a magnificent reception.


    Schmid not at the start

    Henrik Kristoffersen is about to open the Adelboden giant slalom. 67 athletes from 21 nations want to compete. Alexander Schmid will not be there for the short term.



    Little snow and temperatures just above freezing make for difficult conditions. At least there have been a few cold nights lately. In addition to the enormous expenses of the organizers, this made it possible to hold today’s race.


    circle of favourites

    In addition to Manuel Feller, Odermatt can certainly pose a threat to Henrik Krisoffersen (car number 1). The Norwegian has recently shown improving form. His compatriot Lucas Braathen (3) inflicted the Swiss favorite’s only defeat of the season in giant slalom (Alta Badia). Alexis Pinturault (4), who has already won three giant slaloms in Adelboden, was in a better mood recently. Žan Kranjec (5) also has podium chances. Athletes with starting numbers beyond the first ten will have no chance of winning.


    Favorite from Switzerland

    Marco Odermatt (car number 6) is the big favourite. Especially in giant slalom, the Nidwaldner is hard to beat. The overall World Cup leader won three of the four giant slaloms of the season and also triumphed here in Adelboden twelve months ago. But in addition to Odermatt, the Confederates have other athletes who can ride well in front. The versatile Loïc Meillard (7) has shown strong form lately and Justin Murisier (8) is also good for the top ten. Gino Caviezel (11), Semyel Bissig (33), Daniele Sette (34), Livio Simonet (36), Fadri Janutin (39) and Thomas Tumler (45) are also starting for Switzerland.


    Eight Austrians

    The ÖSV sends a podium contender into the race. Manuel Feller (start number 2) has already achieved three second places this winter – one of them in the giant slalom in Val d’Isère. And last year the Tyrolean also finished second in Adelboden. Stefan Brennsteiner (10) and Marco Schwarz (13) are aiming for a top 10 result. We are also expecting Patrick Feurstein (20), Raphael Haaser (25), Lukas Feuerstein (57), Dominik Raschner (64) and Fabio Gstrein (66).


    German quintet

    Germany’s currently best giant slalom runner is Alexander Schmid (start number 15), who has finished in the top 10 in all previous races of the season – most recently in fifth place in Alta Badia. So the greatest hopes are associated with him. For Stefan Luitz (32), Anton Grammel (52), Fabian Gratz (53) and Julian Rauchfuss (54) it has to be a matter of reaching the second round, also because of the high starting numbers.


    first run

    At 10:30 a.m. we start the first round. Ahead of the athletes is a 1,290 meter long and very demanding task, which begins at 1,730 meters with a steep slope, the so-called cannon barrel. It doesn’t get any easier as a result. It goes over 420 meters down to the valley. The course set by Sergey Komarov shows the way. The Russian in the service of the Croatian Ski Association has scored 56 goals.



    After the start of the year at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen slalom, the technicians are in demand again this weekend. The giant slalom in particular has a long tradition on the Chuenisbärgli in Adelboden. It is the fifth of ten giant slalom events in the World Cup winter.

    Warm welcome

    Hello and welcome to the men’s giant slalom from Adelboden! The live ticker starts in good time before the start of the race.