Allegri helps Juventus grow champions and young players. In my own way by Bucciantini

The San Siro victory is only the reflection of a job that has lasted for some time, sometimes underestimated but with a strong imprint. And that produces both team and individual results

One important thing about Inter-Juventus remains. Something on which to hazard a philosophy and even a feeling. Juventus showed up with 3 starters out of 11 who played in Serie B or Lega Pro last year (Gatti, Fagioli and Soulé). It was a team, it was strong. To put it succinctly and a little cynical and moralistic: it’s better to put young people on the field than in the balance sheet, better to make them become footballers than artificial capital gains. To make it “historical”: Juventus has built its deep, long, winning cycles starting from these policies, combining self-production with luxury shopping.