The 56-year-old man who allegedly threatened three 15-year-olds two weeks ago is no longer in custody. He is suspected by the Public Prosecution Service (OM) of threats and illegal possession of weapons.

    A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service reported this to NH Nieuws when asked. On the evening of August 30, a circled for a long time helicopter above the center of Alkmaar.

    Three boys have alerted the police just before, it turns out, because they were threatened by a man with an axe. This would have happened at the Munnikenbolwerk, where a stabbing took place.

    The great search of agents – throughout the entire Singelpark – yields something that evening: an Alkmaarder (56) was arrested. According to the police, there was indeed an ax in the bag he had with him. The Public Prosecution Service says that he was interrogated by the police the next day.

    “He was sent away after questioning and received a summons.” That means that he has been released, but is still suspected and must report to the judge.

    At the moment, the Public Prosecution Service cannot yet comment on the considerations to release the Alkmaarder, but this may become more clear in the courtroom. NH Nieuws will be present at the hearing by then.