Alderman Bea Meppelink of the municipality of Coevorden will stop immediately. She made this known in the college of mayor and aldermen. Meppelink indicates that she is ‘currently unable to provide what the position requires’.

    Meppelink was the second alderman on the council on behalf of the BBC2014 party. The resident of Dalen was installed after last year’s municipal elections. Belangen Buitengebied Coevorden is the largest party in the city council with ten seats. Meppelink previously worked for Zorggroep Tangenborgh, the Rabobank and was active in the tourist industry.

    “It is a very nice position, but it also demands a lot. In combination with a personally difficult period, I cannot give what the position requires at the moment. I am very sorry that it turned out this way and I had something else for eyes when I started as an alderman,” she explains in a statement. Meppelink does not want to explain her departure further.

    “Bea had a tough portfolio, especially for a starting alderman. We enjoyed working with her in the council. I think it’s a brave choice to make this decision,” says mayor Renze Bergsma. How her position will be further filled will be reviewed in the coming weeks. Meppelink’s portfolio included recreation and tourism, mobility, spatial development and international relations.