Alberto’s scandalous explanation to Grabois about why he lowered an official: “He doesn’t give it”

It is known that Juan Grabois is not one to keep what he thinks. After harshly crossing Sergio Massa – “shiter and country seller” – he now told an infidelity about a spicy meeting that he would have had with Alberto Fernández. It was a meeting to discuss whether Fernanda Miño, a militant from his squad, was going to take over as secretary in the Ministry of Habitat. But, as revealed by the social leader, the President’s response was blunt. “Do not give him physique du role”.

It was an anecdote that Grabois told in the program “The end of the metaphor” on Radio Con Vos. “First we went to a meeting with the then minister Bielsa. She was with Fernanda Miño and another Fernanda, who is blonde, has two university degrees and is the daughter of a disappeared person: everything she likes to progressivism, while Miño is a black Christian villager and from the La Cava neighborhood. I think that there is no notion in people of the level of classism and xenophobia that exists within politics, I have seen it permanently. Question that they told me that the secretary had to be the blonde, because she had a university degree, for this, and for the other, ”the social leader started the anecdote.

After this meeting with then-minister Bielsa, Grabois said, they “replanted” and raised the debate to the President himself.

“And when Alberto gives me the explanation of why I understood a lot about politics, he told me that Miño did not have the physique du rolewhich was ‘a problem of physique du role’. They are angry with miño because before he was his “muki”, his maid, they tell him to get off the pony, they set a limit, they put his boot on top of his head, it seems to me that all of this has a strong classist imprint. The poor themselves do not make them nervous, but the poor who empower themselves, who speak to them as equals, that annoys them, I have seen it a thousand times,” said Grabois.

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