Airen Mylene after dirty gossip face to face with Manuel Venderbos

Airen Mylene came face to face with colleague Manuel Venderbos for the first time since spreading her dirty gossip last night. Well, via a live video connection then…

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She would have sent an apology email to all her Shownieuws colleagues: Airen Mylene. The presenter has revealed on the radio that two colleagues were caught in a closet during ehh … intimate activities. She hinted that one of them was a fellow presenter. Dyantha Brooks immediately denied and then two remain.

Airen and Manuel

Tooske Ragas is not exactly an angel either, but most people find Manuel Venderbos the most suspicious, since he has a reputation in this field. Manuel cannot help but blame Airen for discrediting him in such a way. Yesterday they were forced to face each other.

Normally Airen and Manuel do not meet, because they both hold the same position at Shownieuws, but yesterday they met during a video connection. She as the presenter of the show section, he as a participant in some charity event.

‘Are you still alive?’

Manuel had to cycle very fast during that event and he found that very hard. “Manuel, how are you? Are you still alive?” Airen asks him.

He then: “Yes, I am indeed still alive a little.”

Then Manuel reveals that he is going through a rough patch due to his mother’s illness. And then of course you are not waiting for all kinds of suspicions. “She now has a few chemos ahead of her. You are constantly working on that.”

Angry Patty

All in all, Airen and Manuel are at least professional enough to work with each other. However, colleague Patty Brard has had it all with her colleague.

What does Airen think Patty is guilty of? “Stupid attention-grabbing bluster.” Let’s see if we ever see those two together again at the Shownieuws desk…