After years of discussion – Jahnsportpark is to be rebuilt

After years of discussion, the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark is to be rebuilt. “Against the background of economic efficiency, the space program, the urban planning framework and the special requirements of an inclusive sports location, the steering committee decided to rebuild the stadium, taking into account the essential identity-forming features of the Jahnsportpark,” said a statement from the Senate Department for the Interior, Digitization and sport on Wednesday.

The two-phase realization competition for the stadium with an urban development, landscape planning idea part should be announced in spring 2022.

The Jahnsportpark is to be developed into an inclusive sports facility in order to give people with and without disabilities equal access to practicing and experiencing sports. At the end of 2020, the third largest sports facility in Berlin was the Operating license expiredas the stadium built in 1951 was to be demolished and made way for a new arena.

After protests, this process was halted and a workshop procedure implemented. In doing so, three different planning scenarios were to be worked out, from the conversion and preservation of the stadium, demolition and new construction as well as the construction of a new stadium at an alternative location in the sports park and partial use of the existing stadium.

The stadium, which was actually closed, was redesigned last summer for temporary use. the FC Viktoria 89 Berlin plays their home games in the 3rd football league here.