As of: 09/23/2022 9:31 p.m

    Eintracht Frankfurt has been fined by UEFA for the incidents surrounding the Champions League game in Marseille. There is a suspended sentence for Hitler salutes from two supporters.

    Take a deep breath at Eintracht Frankfurt, there are no ghost games in the premier class for the time being. Because UEFA sentenced Hessen on Friday evening (September 23, 2022) for what happened during the Champions League away game at Olympique Marseille on September 13, but suspended the sentence on probation.

    Showing the Hitler salute led to punishment

    On the one hand, UEFA banned Eintracht from selling tickets for the next away game to their fans. Secondly, the Hessians will be required to ensure a partial closure of at least 1,000 seats in the stadium for the next home game in a UEFA club competition. However, both penalties are suspended for a period of one year and therefore have no effect on the Frankfurt games against Tottenham for the time being.

    Eintracht board member Reschke classifies judgment

    UEFA imposed the exclusion penalties expressly for the offense of racist behavior. Showing the Hitler salute and other fascist gestures made by two people before the game towards French supporters was punished. In addition, there is a fine totaling 45,000 euros for the Hessians.

    Board member Philipp Reschke explained in the official Eintracht press release: “The verdict obviously not only takes into account the extraordinary general conditions surrounding the game and the state of emergency in the city and in the stadium, but also our enormous organizational efforts and in particular the clear attitude and communication of the Clubs to the incidents.”