For the past two years, Ezra Miller has had regular contact with the police. The “Flash” star has previously been accused of molestation, robbery and kidnapping a teenage girl, among other things. Miller apologized for the first time and announced that he was undergoing mental health treatment.

    “Having gone through an intense crisis recently, I now understand that I have complex mental health issues and have now entered therapy,” Miller said in a statement. The “Flash” star wanted to apologize to “everyone”.

    Miller is said to have manipulated teenagers

    Just this month, it was revealed that Miller allegedly broke into a Stanford apartment building earlier this year. There, the Hollywood star stole several bottles of alcohol. On September 26, Miller has to appear in court in the state of Vermont.

    Environmental activist Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents previously accused Miller of kidnapping their daughter. The “Flash” star psychologically manipulated her, physically intimidated her and threatened her safety, it said. In addition, Miller was arrested for a fight at a bar in Hawaii.

    Is The Flash Coming To Theaters?

    The film about the superhero “Flash” has already been shot. The theatrical release is currently planned for June 2023. Casting another actor or actress for The Flash was too much work for Warner Bros. Previously it had been considered that Miller would only be involved in the promotion of the film to a limited extent.

    The studio is also said to have considered not releasing The Flash after all. An expensive idea. The film cost $200 million. In the meantime, it was decided to cancel the planned “Batgirl” film adaptation.

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