Rene Fasel belittled the Finnish Olympic gold.

    Former President of the International Hockey Federation Rene Fasel did not like the fact that Finland defeated Russia in the Olympic final 2–1. He belittled Finnish gold.

    – We saw what the future of hockey will be like when medals and championships are won by defending. The final was not very spectacular, and in no way as interesting as the game between Russia and Sweden in the semi-finals, Fasel told the Russian news agency. To the cup.

    The words of the 72-year-old puck man also give the impression that Finland did not even deserve a championship in Fasel’s opinion, even though the Lions clearly took the game.

    – A defensive game and a small fortune brought gold to Finland. We have to congratulate them on that, but Russia also played a good tournament. Silver is also an Olympic medal.

    The next puck tournament will be played in the spring in Finland, when it will be the World Cup. Fasel’s favorite country there is clear.

    – Russia must now prepare for the World Cup. They have to try to take one more step there to win the championship.

    Rene Fasel shared bitter comments after the Lions Olympic gold. AOP