The new chief advisor of the Presidency of the Nation, Antonio Aracre, He published a Twitter thread in which he stated that the economic situation in Argentina is better than that of many countries in the region. The official, who will officially take office this February, used to support this statement the Big Mac Indexa method elaborated by the prestigious magazine “The Economist”, to measure power parity between different countries, taking the price of this famous hamburger as a reference. In this way, an attempt is made to find out whether or not the currency of a country is overvalued in relation to the currency of another.

    “The Big Mac index, whose series has been prepared for decades, makes it possible to rigorously establish the level of over or under appreciation that local currencies have with respect to the official dollar in each country. The latest update was published this month in the prestigious magazine The Economist”, began the Aracre thread.

    The graph shown by the former CEO of Syngenta, shows Argentina slightly behind compared to other countries in the region that, as Aracre explained, have “over or under appreciation of 20/30%”. The delay of -1.0% was described by Aracre as “Irrelevant”.

    By comparison, according to the tweet, Costa Rica has a delay of -7.4, while Chili It has one of the – 11.4. Continuing with the comparisons, BrazilArgentina’s strategic partner and with whom it is currently trying to relaunch commercial relations, has a delay of -17.2.

    “If politics calms down and businessmen collaborate, the uncertainty gap could collapse and all that remains is for us to continue working on fiscal regulations to lower inflation and on the expected improvement in income distribution,” wrote Aracre, optimistic.

    Despite his enthusiasm for being appointed to his position, a fact that Aracre defined as “a dream come true”, not everyone liked his appointment within the Frente de Todos. In early January, Pablo Moyano he crossed it, due to Aracre’s position in favor of a labor reform. Once again, the truckers’ union with Pablo Moyano, Hugo Moyano and a lot of union organizations are going to reject any attempt at labor reform, as a Peronist we cannot accept any attempt that they want to carry out to harm the workers,” Moyano replied to Aracre.

    Also, environmental lawyers, social leaders, academics led by the former ambassador Alice Castro they collected 15,000 signatures to prevent the appointment of the former CEO of Syngenta, due to his time at the agricultural technology company. “He is going to be a preacher of agrochemicals and large estates,” Castro assured.

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