Abuse allegations against “Wednesday” actor Percy Hynes White

The actor Percy Hynes White, known from the Netflix series “Wednesday”, is accused of abusive behavior. According to various Twitter users, while he was at school in Toronto, he threw parties at his house with friends, to which they invited mostly girls in order to give them alcohol and drugs and abuse them. This is said to have happened while he himself was between the ages of 17 and 20, although the majority of these girls were minors.

Three accounts in particular spread the story and collect photos and screenshots that could be clues. They also started the hashtag #cancelpercy. The people behind the accounts claim to have known him during this time and to be friends with other alleged abusers. A photo shows one of the alleged account owners and the actor. Since January 19, more and more users have dared to speak up, lending more credibility to the story. Hynes White himself has not yet commented. Since he has deactivated the comment function on his Instagram profile, it can be assumed that he found out about the allegations.

The accusations

There are serious allegations of sexually abusive behavior and the word “rapist” keeps popping up in the comments and threads. However, in order to listen carefully to victims and not protect perpetrators reflexively, the story must also be examined carefully. This is not easy. The biggest accounts behind the hashtag restrict who can see their tweets. Many of the photos and screenshots are randomly shared by various other accounts. It is therefore difficult to gain an overview of the chronology and the specific allegations.

The most specific allegation is that he behaved inappropriately and abusively at the parties and supported the abusive behavior of his friends – and that he hosted those parties with manipulative and abusive intentions. In addition, he is said to have had a sexual relationship with an underage, younger girl for several years. In addition, the 21-year-old is accused of unsolicited sending nude photos of himself, also to younger people. One of his friends is accused of raping someone during one of these parties.

The clues

The evidence presented is screenshots of messages between either him and the account holders, or them and others, a photograph purporting to show White being arrested for a celebration, and his nude photos as well. The classifications of these fragments are inconsistent, which is understandable given that the incidents date back several years. However, there are also many inconsistencies within the stories.

In the wake of the allegations, a petition has been started to recast the role of “Xavier Thrope” for the second season of “Wednesday”. With that second season already confirmed, both Netflix and White are now forced to react.