Abdülkerim Bardakcı, who played his first official match with Galatasaray against Antalyaspor, made a statement to GS TV after the match.

    Stating that it was an honor to play in the league game with Galatasaray jersey for the first time, Abdülkerim Bardakcı evaluated the struggle with the following words:

    “I am very honored and proud to have had the chance to compete under this jersey. I will always try to do justice to the jersey until the last drop of my sweat. I will try to fight as much as I can. I cannot describe my happiness in words.”

    Stating that they started the league with the championship password, the successful defender said, “We had a very good camp day. We started with the championship password on the first day of the camp and worked accordingly. The first matches of the league are always difficult. It was incredibly hot. Thank God we scored in the last minutes. Good luck to your feet. We fought very well. Everyone put their best efforts on the field. I hope we will continue to win and reach our goal.” used the phrases.

    The star player finally said, “The floor was a bit dry when we first went out. They got wet afterwards and it got better. It was incredibly hot. There was a suitable floor for our game.” he ended his speech.