12/01/2022 at 04:25


    The youth pointed a gun at several people, apparently as part of a game, before intentionally pulling the trigger

    A 15-year-old teenager was arrested in South Florida (USA) for the death of another 17-year-old teenager, who received a gunshot wound to the chest in the middle of some kind of gamewhile the authorities are looking for two young people who fled the house where the event was recorded.

    Miami-Dade County police announced Wednesday the arrest of Darrell Hobley, who faces charges of manslaughter, possession of a firearm by a minor and improper display of a firearm. According to authorities, the deceased, Mekhi Stevenson, his 15-year-old brother and three other friends were inside a room in a house when Hobley pulled out a firearm and began pointing it at several of the group.apparently as part of a game.

    Hobley’s arrest warrant indicates that he continued to direct the firearm “recklessly in different directions” while a projectile was in the chamber of the weapon, according to local channel WPLG. “He pointed the firearm at the victim and intentionally pulled the trigger once, striking the victim in the chest,” the arrest warrant added.

    Stevenson tried to walk toward one of the house’s doors, but collapsed to the ground, authorities said. When a team from the Miami-Dade Fire Department responded to the scene, along with police, they pronounced Stevenson dead. Police said two of Stevenson’s friends involved in the shooting fled the Sierra Drive home and have not found his whereabouts, so they have requested information from the public.

    According to the aforementioned outlet, a Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesperson confirmed Tuesday that Stevenson was not a current student in the school district, but had played soccer at North Miami High School.