The signs of aging may not be visible on a well-groomed face, but the truth is revealed from the hands.

    – Signs of aging appear first on the eye area, face and neck, cosmetologist Hetti Hyytiäinen tells. Right after, however, he states that age is often most clearly visible from the hands.

    The skin on the hands is basically quite thin, and there is not much fatty tissue in the hands. That’s why the signs of aging are often visible from the hands.

    The skin of the hands is also constantly exposed to external stresses, such as cold, heat, sunlight, hand disinfectants and hand washing. These actions dry the skin of the hands.

    However, that alone does not explain why the signs of aging are easily visible on the hands. The reason is a skin care mistake, or actually a lack of skin care.

    – Hands are often not treated as actively as, for example, the face or the neck area. That’s why age can be revealed from untreated hands, sums up Hyytiäinen, who has worked in the cosmetics industry for 20 years.

    You should invest in hand care and make it part of your skin care routine. Only regular treatment produces good results. Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

    This is where the signs of aging come from

    The signs of aging are usually caused by the fact that aging skin becomes thinner, its function slows down and its natural moisture-binding capacity weakens. This makes the skin on the hands thin, dry and rough.

    In addition, the elasticity of the connective tissue decreases, which leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. Pigment changes may also appear on the skin, which are often caused by exposure to the sun.

    And that’s not all. Hormonal factors, such as menopause, can also cause pigment changes.

    The skin of the hands is constantly on the brink, so you should spend time taking care of it. Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

    This is how you curb the signs of aging

    The cosmetologist reminds us not to be discouraged. The signs of aging can be curbed in many ways.

    You should start by activating functions that are slowing down.

    – When the ability to bind moisture weakens, it is necessary to increase the moisturizing of the skin with nourishing creams.

    At night, you should apply more caring products or, for example, moisturizing masks to your hands. Skin regeneration is more efficient at night and the skin is more receptive than usual.

    – You can even use moisturizing face masks for your hands, and protect your hands with, for example, cotton gloves, Hyytiäinen advises.

    Moisturization and protection from the sun are of paramount importance in hand care, regardless of age. For daytime use, you should therefore choose a hand cream with UV protection.

    Hyytiäinen says that serums and treatment ampoules are an addition to the hand cream.

    Only regular treatment produces good results

    It is good to exfoliate the skin of the hands regularly.

    – Exfoliating the skin of the hands and removing dead surface cells keeps the skin’s surface softer and improves the absorption of products.

    Hyytiäinen recommends that you start really investing in hand care and make it a part of your skin care routine.

    Only regular skin care produces good results on the hands as well.

    This is how you take care of your hands

    Consider your hands in your skincare routine:

    1. Apply serum and cream to hands every day in the evening.

    2. Exfoliate your hands weekly. After exfoliating, apply a moisturizing or firming mask to your hands.

    3. In the driest time, such as winter, it is also good to add oils that bind moisture to the skin and care for the skin of the hands.

    Extra tip! The most active skin care professionals can layer products on the back of the hand: first a little treatment water, moisturizing or activating serum, then oil and finally protective cream on top.

    Try these products:

    With these products, you pamper the skin of your hands so that the signs of aging stay away for as long as possible.

    Sothys hand cream smells wonderful. The composition of the cream is quite thick, but even more caring. The tester recommends that this cream be used in the evening before going to bed, as the cream is absorbed rather slowly. 26 Sothys.

    The rich, caring hand cream of the French natural cosmetics brand is as if made for hands dried by winter frosts. In the test, Nuxe’s ​​ample cream left slightly bumpy hands feeling really soft. The luxurious scent of honey charms in this hand cream, which remains a standard use on the bedside table. 13.50 e, Stockmann.

    Moi Forest’s Metsäpöly hand cream meets the most important criteria of a hand cream, i.e. absorbs quickly and well, does not leave hands sticky or greasy. However, it moisturizes effectively. The scent is mild, but earthy, not necessarily to everyone’s liking. The product contains forest dust, which is clearly visible in the cream and briefly on the skin. The dust is promised to restore the microbial balance of the skin. 14.95 e, Grass roots.

    The hand cream of the domestic pharmacy brand is the new hand cream favorite of sensitive skin. Atopik Sensitive hand cream nourishes and treats dry and calloused hands to make them soft again. Made in Finland, the cream contains domestic oat extract, which helps soothe irritated skin in particular. A pleasant and effective product for daily use. €9.95, Pharmacy 360.

    The tester used La Roche-Posay’s Cicaplast Baume B5+ care cream in the evening under cotton gloves. The product promised to strengthen, protect and soothe dry and irritated skin. The tester’s hands are always super dry, cracked and itchy in the winter. After using the cream, relief was felt immediately and the skin improved after a few days of use. 8.20 e, Pharmacy plus.

    The vegan, effectively softening hands Frudia Essential Blending Earthy hand cream is a positively surprising new product. It didn’t take too long to absorb, the scent of the product was fresh and the hands felt moisturized. A convenient product for example in a handbag, where you can remember to add the product throughout the day. Good price-quality ratio. €7.99, Yeppo & Soonsoo.

    Laponie of Scandinavia balsam intensively moisturizes, regenerates and protects the skin from drying out. The product promises to prevent the evaporation of moisture from the skin, and it also seems to do that. The tester applied the product to his hands under cotton gloves at night before going to bed. The product was a great help for atopic skin. 19 Twistbe.

    Urtekram’s wonderful face mask is also suitable for dry hands. The tester spread the face mask on his hands and left it on for three minutes and then wiped away the mask tears that were still visible. Hands felt moisturized after the experiment. €6.95,

    Antipodes’ vegan Flora hyaluronic mask revitalizes sensitive skin. The product is intended for the face, but it can also be used on the hands. After use, the skin felt and looked moisturized. 31.90 e, Life.

    Thalion Nutri-Comfort Mask is primarily intended for the skin of the face and neck, but this mask can also be used to treat dry and tight hands. The product can be applied to the skin of the hands at night and wiped clean with face water in the morning. The mask is wonderfully moisturizing and effective. 35 e, Cosmetics jungle.

    L’Occitane’s Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum is, as the name suggests, meant for the face, but if you want to really pamper your hands, this serum is the perfect choice. The skin immediately looked healthier after the test. A dream product, both for face and hands! 65 e, Stockmann.

    The ampoule of the Korean brand Cosrx did wonders for the skin. Both for face and hands. The product was quickly absorbed into the skin and seemed to nourish dry skin almost immediately. A super effective product whose effects are visible on the skin for several days. 34.90 e, Bearel.

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