England’s Michael Smith provided a major highlight in the final of the Darts World Championships in London, completing a rare nine-darter.

    In the second set, the “Bully Boy” managed the feat of making out the 501 points with nine throws.

    It was the first nine-darter at this World Cup and the first nine-darter in a World Cup final since Adrian Lewis twelve years ago.

    Particularly curious: Opponent Michael van Gerwen had thrown eight perfect darts himself in the same leg and only just missed the arrow on double 12.

    Previously, there had always been six, seven or eight perfect darts in the title fights at Alexandra Palace – but the nine remained in the first 94 games of the £2.5 million (around EUR 2.84 million) event and only came in the grand final between giants Smith and van Gerwen.

    For example, there was no nine-darter at the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 World Championships.