In Zoetermeer, a number of local beekeepers are at work with their own beehives spread across the city. The honey bees fly out to green places to drink their fill of sweet nectar. The beekeepers use these bees to make pots of gold: often hand-cranked honey of Zoetermeer origin. See below where you can go for real Zoetermeer honey.

    Honey jar

    Susanne Ramselaar is a beekeeper and sells honey from Zoetermeer under the name De Honingpot. She keeps several bee colonies in brightly colored hives and she even gives courses. You can buy different types of honey, but also beeswax, candles and honey drinks in her Online store.

    Beekeeper Susanne Ramselaar. Photo: in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer

    Tamar’s honey

    Tamar has a vegetable garden and keeps bees. She writes on her about her bee and beekeeping adventures blog. You can buy her honey at Ekoplaza, but also in her shop to house. You can collect honey and other products from the garden or have them shipped.

    Tamar’s honey. Photo: in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer

    Peter Kersten

    Peter Kersten from the Seghwaert district makes Zoetermeer honey that is for sale at the cheese farmer in the Dorpsstraat.

    Zoetermeer honey at the cheese farmer. Photo: in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer

    Beekeeping Nature Garden Zoetermeer

    The honeybees of Beekeeping Nature Garden Zoetermeer live in areas such as the Balijbos. Here they feed on nectar from Zoetermeer flowers and then return to the beehives in the Nature Garden. You can buy the pots of honey from this beekeeper at Stadsboerderij Balijhoeve in Rokkeveen, among others.

    Honey from the Zoetermeer region

    Would you prefer to buy local honey, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be from Zoetermeer? Then you can go to Farm ‘t Geertje, Landwinkel Sonneveld or vegetable farm Van der Kooij for local honey. Or choose honey from the neighboring municipality of Berkel en Rodenrijs with honey from Berkselse bees.

    Image: pinterestDeb’s Bakery & Kitchen

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