4G is now available on subway line 6

You can now surf the Internet continuously on the U6 (symbol image) Photo: Jörg Carstensen/dpa +

By Isabel Pancake

Anyone who takes the U6 to work in the morning may have already noticed: Instead of “E”, the smartphone now shows “LTE” in the top right corner!

When asked by the BZ, Telefonica, the provider responsible for the Internet expansion in the subway, writes: “The U6 has been fully supplied since the beginning of March.” That means: no interruptions when listening to music or surfing the Internet – at least between Kurt-Schumacher- Square and Alt-Mariendorf.

The route between Kurt-Schumacher-Platz and Alt-Tegel is not yet equipped with fast internet. There is currently a construction site here. And that until 2025…

4G is now also available on the U5 between Hönow and Hauptbahnhof. Telefonica continues: “In addition, customers of all operators can use the 4G standard in ever larger sections of the U2, U4, U7, U8 and U9.”

No end to the expansion of the Internet in sight

Fast internet was originally supposed to reach all subways by the beginning of 2023. In May of last year, the Senate then said: “The schedule cannot be kept.” When it will finally be possible to surf underground everywhere: unclear!

Telefonica: “Challenges such as building permits or complications in the subway system that become apparent during the construction phase make it difficult to make concrete statements about further expansion steps.”


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