«Telefono Donna Onlus was born in my house, before there was an office and even before we arrived in Niguarda» he says Stefania Bartoccetti, who chose this March 8ththe 31st of the association, to say thanks to the hospital where it has been operating for the longest time, 25 years. The occasion was the inauguration Wednesday 8 March 2023 of bark murals, created by the Argentinian artist Francisco Bosoletti. Depicts the myth of Daphne, the nymph who escaped the cravings of Apollo he asked and obtained to be transformed into a laurel plant.

    How Telephone Woman was born

    At the beginning there was no one who specifically took care of women victims of violence. There was the Blue Phonefor the protection of minors (direct victims or as spectators of violence against mothers or sisters, ed). Or the territorial offices of the St Vincent (the Catholic support association, not only material, ed). The same Phone Woman Not is born to immediately deal with abuse, but how opportunity for women to get together and share. They have been women’s calls to push towards support for victims of violence» says Stefania Bartoccetti. “We have arrived at Niguarda because the cases we were dealing with asked for medical support as well as psychological and legal support.

    The contacts of the Niguarda Center

    The founder of Telephone Woman, Stefania Bartoccetti

    In Niguarda, the telephone center for women 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone 0264443043 Or: 0264443044 «We work in synergy with the Emergency Department of the hospital and for this reason we maintain direct and continuous contact with the Carabinieri and the Police. But today we are also present in some Municipalities, what used to be the Zones, of Milan, 2, 3, 4, 6. And in the hinterland, a Vimercate, in Monza, in Abbiategrasso and Magenta. There are listening centers and there are sheltered houses, with a secret address, shelter for high-risk women, with children if any. I am 85 operators and three quarters are professionals, who work in multidisciplinary teams where a psychologist and a lawyer are also present, and who report to a supervisor. All cases are discussed to guide each woman towards the most appropriate decision to her situation» explains the founder of Telefono Donna. There are the volunteers, it’s theirs role is precious for listening and welcoming but to ensure maximum protection for all, precise knowledge of procedures and legal constraints is necessary”. Also continuously updated.

    In Modena, a large blanket to say enough to violence against women

    In Modena, a large blanket to say enough to violence against women

    Who addresses aTelephone Woman

    The numbers – of the city of Milan – speak for themselves: 461 total accesses in 2022, of which 384 new cases. 77 passed through the emergency room, about thirty reports from the forces of order and social services. Of Italian nationality, 248 of the people who telephoned or presented themselves in one of the offices of the association. To ask for help especially those in the 30-55 age group250 people, But also several younger women.The majority with a high school diploma. The help was expressed above all through telephone interviews 2238, psychological consultancy, 374, legal 437, work 74.

    Direct contact

    THE75 percent of the people with whom we come into contact look for us directly. Today women are clearly at risk of continuing to live together with an abuser. And they know they can have a space for dialogue and discussion. There are those who come and tell their story to have a moment of discussion. And who arrives with a complaint already made. If the accusations against the abuser are ill-substantiated, everything risks running aground. We help, accompanying them, to draw up a complaint that could trigger an investigation. AND allow the victims to be believed by the judiciary and the police.

    Who passes through shelters

    There is an enormous disparity between the people who access the Telephone Woman center and those who are welcomed into shelters. «Staying in shelters serves to secure the woman. If there is a ban on approaching or in the event of an arrest, we provide the necessary support without forcing the women and minor children to cut the wires with work, school, social contacts. The time in which women pass through shelters is that necessary to favor the beginning of a new pathwhich can last a week or months.

    Violence against women, the numbers are growing

    In 2022, in the city of Milan alone, accesses were 461, in 2008 they were 85. Is this the sign of greater awareness?

    «Definitely, but also unfortunately of the fact that you can’t get out of the emergency». answers the founder of Telephone Woman. “Many women still arrive when the situation is already serious. even younger women.

    Young women and violent relationships

    Do younger women not recognize risk faster?

    “It still happens that the obsessive attention of the boyfriend, who wants to know where they are and with whom; who demands video confirmation of what she says; that prevents you from seeing certain friends… is considered rewarding. Girls feel at the center of attention. Then when they understand and try to escape, the trap is sprung a second time. The man sentimentally blackmails them: “if you leave I’ll kill myself”, “with all the love I give you”..». But there are still those who fall into the trap, tempted by the idea of ​​affirming their own ability, of solving the critical case before them.

    Violence in the family

    Violence, which is not only physical, but psychological, economic, etc., is not expressed only in the couple. «Even last night we received reports of a girl who was mistreated in the family. In the presence of her mother, who witnessed her beating and who must have been her victim in turn. We need to act quickly, because the family model determines 90 percent of the type of emotional relationship that girl will build in the future. And the phenomenon transversally affects all types of families, even those in high places» underlines the founder of Telefono Donna.

    Phone Woman back to basics

    As part of the project HOME (Aler Centers for Housing Services), within the Molise, Calvairate and San Siro districts, Telefono Donna has begun to weave the network of encounters between women again, «Following that intuition of “doing something for women” suggested to me by my mother, from which it all started» announces Stefania Bartoccetti. «The community dimension can act as a barrier to the emergency. From Monday to Friday, but also on Saturday mornings, yoga, English, speaking and reading groups are offered. We organize ourselves to go to the theatre. To revive that self-awareness of one’s rights, which isolation suffocates”.